Zoeva Pure Matte Lips About Turn Review

Skin Tone: Medium to Dusky

Hello Sweethearts,

Zoeva is a legendary European brand, famous for their makeup brushes. In addition to their makeup brushes, they have some wonderful lip products. Recently, they have released a new range of matte liquid lips and some lip pencils. I picked up three lipsticks from the line and today, I am going to review the shade “About Turn”. Read on to know more about this lippie.

Zoeva Pure Matte Lips About Turn Review

$13.50 AUD for 6 ml

Product Description:
What it is:
A liquid lipstick that delivers supple, colour-rich lips that last all day.
What it does:
Flaunt your lips with long-wearing ZOEVA Pure Matte Lips and drench your pout in eight exciting, infinitely matte shades from neutral to bold. Leaving a fine, lightweight layer that sets to an extremely matte finish, these liquid lipsticks are comfortable to wear and deliver supple, colour-rich lips that last all day, thanks to a transfer-free, ultra-flexible and creamy formula.

My Experience with Zoeva Pure Matte Lips About Turn:

Zoeva is a wonderful brand which is famous for their makeup brushes. They have launched two incredibly alluring collections of liquid lipsticks that promise innovative, long-lasting formula and richly saturated, sensual colours. The collection can be differentiated based on finish; the ultra-matte velvety formula is called “Pure Velours Lips” and the outstandingly glossy formula is called “Pure Lacquer Lips”. There are total 8 shades in each of these lines.

Zoeva Pure Matte Lips About Turn Packaging

Packaging: The lipstick comes in a chic packaging. It has an outer black cardboard cover and the lipstick itself comes in a transparent tube with a black cap. The shade is visible from outside and also there is a sticker with the colour name at the bottom. Though it may seem like a normal liquid lipstick tube, I feel that there is some class in the packaging, mainly because, the applicator has a clear acrylic stem. It looks sophisticated. It has an interesting applicator which looks like a paddle brush. There is a slant at the center of the applicator and it becomes sharp and tapered towards the end. This is one of the best applicator I have tried as it makes application quite easy.

Zoeva Pure Matte Lips About Turn Cap Closed

Shade: There are eight shades in this range and the shades in this collection are very different and not the usual pinks and reds. They have some unique shades like blue, grey, pumpkin orange etc. The shade “About Turn” is an unique pumpkin mustard orange color. Initially, I was afraid that whether this will work on my tanned skin tone or not, but it worked wonderfully well. This is a one of a kind shade which is universally flattering and I think it is a close match to Kylie’s 22 lipstick shade.

Zoeva Pure Matte Lips About Turn Cap Open

Zoeva Pure Matte Lips About Turn With Cap

Formula: It has a thin mousse-like texture that can be applied easily. It is very light on the lips and dries completely matte after around 5 minutes. The formula itself is so pigmented that one swipe is usually enough for full coverage and doesn’t dry out the lips. With a formula as pigmented as this and the unique brush applicator, struggling with a lip liner becomes unnecessary. The lipstick formulation is vegan, enriched with vitamin E and 100% free of parabens, mineral oils, perfume, and phthalates.

Zoeva Pure Matte Lips About Turn Applicator

Wear Time: It lasts all day long for more than eight hours, which I think is really good. It does survive meals and I feel it transfers very little while having greasy food. The lipstick is transfer-proof which is really great.

Zoeva Pure Matte Lips About Turn Lip Swatch

So, let’s sum up the pros and cons,

Pros of Zoeva Pure Matte Lips About Turn:

  • Unique shade.
  • Matte finish.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Chic packaging.
  • Enriched with Vitamin E.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Doesn’t dry out the lips.
  • Precise applicator.

Cons of Zoeva Pure Matte Lips About Turn:

  • None.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Zoeva Pure Matte Lips About Turn?
Yes of course.

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