Zoya Nail Lacquer – Fei Fei Review

Zoya Nail Lacquer – Fei Fei Review

Zoya is a professional nail lacquer company that I had never tried until a few weeks back and I am a believer! This nail lacquer blew my mind because it is super pigmented and good for your nails and as a cherry on top of the cake, it is the same price as OPI nail lacquers which never work for me! This is a review for Zoya Fei Fei – the most interesting colour ever.


Where To Buy:

I bought mine from Zoya’s official website. Zoya specifically does not sell to drugstores/super markets. So, they only sell to very specific salons.


The nail polish contains 0.5 fluid ounces or 15 ml of product. It’s a good amount of product for the price. It’s not like anyone ever runs out of nail lacquer anyway! 🙂 Below are some comparisons in size:


1. Lakme India : 9ml
2. Nyx Girls: 10 ml
3. Maybelline Colorama: 7.5 ml
4. OPI: 15 ml
5. Revlon India: 8ml
6. Revlon USA: 14.7 ml
7. e.l.f: 10 ml
8. Essie: 13.5 ml

Price and Shipping:

Zoya nail lacquers cost $8.00 + tax. It is priced in the mid-range nail polish in the United States though I found it to be far superior to any nail polish I have ever used. They have an insane awesome colour selection along with seasonal limited edition releases. Shipping is exhausting if you are trying to buy a colour that is out of stock but bearable if it is during normal days.

Zoya Nails

My Take on Zoya Nail Lacquer – Fei Fei:

I have never liked putting on nail polish. It can be messy and most colours are super streaky. Maybe I’m just horrible at it, but I’ve never used a nail paint and said to myself “wow, this is super amazing,” until Zoya. I absolutely love the consistency, the colour, and everything else! It is important to share that when applying the first coat, some streaky-ness and sheerness may be observed. But apply a second coat after waiting 30 seconds and you will be amazed at how uniform and rich the colour is in just two coats.

Shimmer Nail Polish

Things I Love about Zoya Nail Lacquer – Fei Fei:

  • For $8.00 + tax, you get salon quality colour payoff.
  • Their colour range is amazing.
  • Even the sheerest colours look beautiful and streak-less with just 2 coats!
  • The drying time is uncanny! I don’t know how long it was but it was super-fast. Fast enough to where I did not mess up my nails (like I otherwise always do!)
  • These nail lacquers are formulated without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate which are so bad for the nails.
  • Their polishes have the best consistency ever – not too thin or thick. Just perfect!
  • The wear time is incredible too. Mine lasts for a week without any chips and two weeks with very minor tip wear.
  • About Fei Fei, it is a beautiful colour. I have never seen another colour like it and it is definitely super pretty. It is a duo-chrome grey shimmer nail lacquer that has blue undertones to it.

Grey Nail Polish

Thins I am Not So Much in Love with Zoya Nail Lacquer – Fei Fei:

  • The price.  While $8.00 + tax is not expensive, I cannot go crazy with my collection.
  • Availability. Even in the US, they are very hard to find 🙁

IMBB Rating:

I will gladly give Zoya’s Fei Fei and Zoya nail polishes in general a 5/5!

Last Thoughts:

I was never into nail polish until Zoya. Now, I wish I could buy every single colour! :p If you haven’t already, do give Zoya a try and don’t miss out! They have a colour for everyone and they don’t smell weird. I will never buy another company’s nail lacquer again. That’s how much I’m in love with Zoya.

Peace out! <3

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  1. Neha .. i guess u r all in for clitterly polishes ..hahah 🙂 .. well they are back with a bang .. well loved fie fie tooo 🙂 but strom ..just took me by strom 🙂 ..thanks for sharing .. i ckd Zoya .. but indian sites are selling it at rediculous rates 🙂 .. i guess ill hav to vist ..US just for shopping :-).. who cares about their culture anyway hahhahahah :-)..

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