Zoya Nail Lacquer – Storm Review

Zoya Nail Lacquer – Storm Review


Zoya is a professional nail lacquer company that blew my mind again! I had been twitching to buy Illamasqua Creator, but I just could not get myself to spend $14.00 + tax on a nail polish and that is when I discovered Zoya Storm and I fell in love with it! So, here is a review for Zoya Storm – which makes me feel like the universe is at my fingertips.

Zoya Storm 2

Where To Buy:

I bought mine from Zoya’s official website. Zoya specifically does not sell to drugstores/super markets. They pride themselves in the fact that they only sell to very specific salons, but to me, that is just plain annoying 🙁

Zoya Storm 1


The nail polish contains 0.5 fluid ounces or 15 ml of product. It’s a good amount of product for the price. I have never run out of nail lacquer but Zoya Storm might be different 🙂 Below are some comparisons in size with some other popular nail lacquers:

1. Lakme India : 9ml
2. Nyx Girls: 10 ml
3. Maybelline Colorama: 7.5 ml
4. OPI: 15 ml
5. Revlon India: 8ml
6. Revlon USA: 14.7 ml
7. e.l.f: 10 ml
8. Essie: 13.5 ml

Zoya Storm 3

Price and Shipping:

As previously mentioned, Zoya nail lacquers cost $8.00 + tax. It is priced in the mid-range nail polish in the United States though I found it to be far superior to any nail polish I have ever used. They have an insane awesome colour selection along with seasonal limited edition releases (I bought Blu from the Spring 2013 collection and I will review it as soon as I have my hands on it).  Shipping is exhausting if you are trying to buy a colour that is out of stock, but bearable if it is during normal times.

Zoya Storm 4

My Take on Zoya Nail Lacquer – Storm:

Zoya has changed how I feel about nail polish forever! I was never big on nail lacquers and then Zoya happened (and then my bank account became a sad panda….HI5 to all the lovely ladies who got the South Park reference). As a quick reminder, please remember that when applying the first coat, some streaky-ness and sheerness may be observed. But apply a second coat after waiting for 30 seconds and you will be amazed at how uniform and rich the colour is in just two coats.

Zoya Storm 5

Zoya Storm is very interesting dupe because I think it is better than the original Illamasqua Creator. Storm has holographic micro glitter (droooooooool) in a black base whereas the micro-glitter in Creator is plain old silver-white.  I tried to take pictures in direct sunlight to show you wonderful ladies just how amazingly beautiful Storm is. I feel like I am at a loss of words when I want to describe how Storm makes me feel (I know – cheesy alert :p )! I don’t think I like the name “Storm” though. I would probably go with “Nebula” or “Star Cluster” (thanks to the astro-physics geek inside of me). I literally just stare into my nails when I am out in the sun (like a weirdo!).

Zoya Storm 6

Things I Love about Zoya Nail Lacquer – Storm:

  • For $8.00 + tax, you get a salon quality product.
  • The colour payoff is ridiculously awesome.
  • Storm is sheer with one coat, but it transforms into my favourite nail polish colour ever with just 2 coats!
  • The drying time like Fei Fei, is super-duper fast.
  • Zoya Storm, like all other Zoya nail lacquers is formulated WITHOUT formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate which are so bad for the nails.
  • Storm has the same “just perfect” consistency.
  • The wear time is awesome – one full week without any chips and two weeks with very minor tip wear.
  • Storm is one hell of a colour. The black base with the holographic micro-glitter will make your day and make you the envy of the town! Every single female who saw my nails in sunlight asked me what nail polish I was wearing.

Zoya Storm 7

Zoya Storm 8

Zoya Storm 9

Things I am Not So Much in Love with Zoya Nail Lacquer – Storm:

  • Availability. Even in the US, they are very hard to find 🙁

IMBB Rating:

Since astronomy and physics are so close to my heart, I will have to give Zoya’s Storm a 5.1/5! Yes, it is better than the highest rating my rating scale allows me to rate it as!

Last Thoughts:

I was already really happy with Zoya, but Storm is just so amazing that I don’t know, its just that amazing. It leaves me speechless and all I can tell you is that go buy it for yourself and I hope you and your friends fall in love with it like I did!

Peace out! <3

P.S.: Did you know we are all made of star debris or “star dust” 🙂

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36 thoughts on “Zoya Nail Lacquer – Storm Review

  1. Lovely nail polish Neha 🙂 … hav to try Zoya for sure 🙂 .. i don’t hav such a shade but i jus dab sheer glitter polish and enjoy the glittery effect..heheh 🙂 ..nice review 🙂

  2. I have to admit that I enjoyed reading your review waaaaaay more than I probably would enjoy the nail polish! 😀
    Wonderful glittery paint <3

    1. Definitely very similar Xuvious, but not quite… You have to see it in RL to really appreciate the colour. But thanks for posting awesome dupe ideas 🙂

  3. beautiful shade!! n thanks for th detailed post, i never thought of comparin prices of nail colors size wise! it makes so much sense

    1. 🙁 I’m sorry Ila! Maybe whenever I’m in Delhi next, I take pre-orders from IMBB-ians and sell it to you guys! :p 🙂 Xuvious posted some dupes above, maybe you can try those?

  4. its such a lovely combination,,,,the black base compliments the multicoloured glitter….what is the price in INR?
    you have applied the paint very neatly,,,,n u have very nice well-maintained nails!!:)

    1. That’s really kind of you Shreya… With the current exchange rate, the price would be about INR 440. That said, I’m amazed that you like my nails… I’ve never had a manicure in my life and I bite my nails all the time! :p 🙂

  5. its a nice color… but i was expecting it to be a little more black… lol… but you have amazing nails, and it looks very pretty and clean on your hands!!!!

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