Zuska Viva Anti-perspirant Deo Stick Review

Zuska Viva Anti-perspirant Deo Stick

Hola a todas las caras bonitos (hello to all the beautiful faces :P)

So summers are here and you all will agree we are shopping for sunscreens gels, anti tans face packs, scrubs, deos and what not! Isn’t it?

Zuska Diva Anti-perspirant Deostick

I know this weather is like that, but it has its own set of fun too, coming back to the review, today I am going to review Zuska Viva Antiperspirant Deo stick. I have to use a deo before going out anywhere because I cannot tolerate myself smelling bad >_< It’s a total NO NO!

Zuska Diva Anti-perspirant Deostick Ingredients

And then came the season of deodorants with whitening underarm labels and what not, and when their claims came crashing down my trust on deodorants broke. One day I was surfing online where I spotted ZUSKA’s Deo Stick, I have seen its deodorants and I was aware of the fragrances they have. So I bought this cute little thing and trust me its worth it! Read on more about the brand and my experience with it.

Zuska Diva Anti-perspirant Deostick (6)

Zuska Diva Anti-perspirant Deostick

Brand Information-Zuska was officially established in year 2008 and India’s operations are based in Mumbai, with collaboration with a US based pharma company. Zodhita is the master mind behind this brand name who is an avid traveler has spent years in pharmaceutical company and has his own Personal care business. Zuska majorly aims in personal care products such as Deodorants, soaps, roll-ons etc.

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Price– 99INR
Fragrance– Viva
Product Claims-

  • To beat body odour
  • Block Bacteria not sweat
  • Anti bacterial
  • Alcohol and Paraben free
  • Aloe Vera and coconut oil enriched

Directions to use

  • Turn the screw at the base and the stick rises up.
  • Apply to under arm only.
  • Replace cap after use.


  • Cute small stick with a screw at the base for using the product.
  • Easy and travel friendly packaging.
  • This cute little baby can fit any where in your purse and you can take it anywhere.
  • I seriously loved the compact stick and for the price, this is a marvel.
  • Texture and Smell- White cover with pink cap, this princess is totally my favorite.
  • A really mild floral fragrance lingers all through the day, white stick which feels like nothing when applied instead gives you  a refreshing and mild fragrance.

Zuska Diva Anti-perspirant Deostick (7)

My take on Zuska Viva Deo Stick-

I am done with all kinds of deodorants firstly my mum kept poking me that this continuous use will make your underarms black! Plus I really did not find one such deodorant which lived up to its expectations, well it’s totally my opinion and my experience!

Well coming back to my little pink and white princess, this product did justice and came up to my expectations and its claims. The product is mild and does not give any strong fragrance I observed no itching or infections. Sweating is a normal phenomenon but bad sweat odour is not normal it’s unhygienic and this little baby truly eliminates that.

Coming up to the Pros of Zuska Viva Anti-perspirant Deo Stick :


  • Extremely cute and compact packaging (travel friendly).
  • Mild floral fragrance.
  • Stays for 7-8 hours.
  • Light on Wallet.

Zuska Diva Anti-perspirant Deostick (3)

Cons of Zuska Viva Anti-perspirant Deo Stick :


  • Availability but I have spotted Zuska’s deo a lot in the market.
  • Limited fragrance – This was the only fragrance available and it seems like the company is totally focusing on products for me only. 😛

Will I suggest Zuska Viva Anti-perspirant Deo Stick ?

Any ways I would suggest this thing to everybody but yes those who prefer strong smell should not expect too much from this.

Will I repurchase Zuska Viva Anti-perspirant Deo Stick ?

I am already on my second stick 😀

IMBB Rating:


Hope you people like it. Happy Summers IMMBians.

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17 thoughts on “Zuska Viva Anti-perspirant Deo Stick Review

  1. amazing! what a timely review..i was searching for a good antiperspirant in a stick form for my travel needs. looks like i just found one. which online store is it available on? i need to get this asap!
    though i am not happy with the company’s misleading claims. block odour not sweat.. it says it is an antiperspirant (and it contains alchohol too which makes it an antiperspirant) and antiperspirants are supposed to block sweat. (it is not a bad thing to block sweat from a small area of our body).

      1. n yep i don’t agree on terms of blocking sweat, well it does claims on as antiperspirant but it does not which turns out good rofl
        but yes i did observed that it reduces the sweat *jalwa*

  2. I have seen this,but never picked..not i can take it..i’m currently using nivea’s anti prespi doe..onc ei’mdone with it,thisone is mynxt pick..

  3. i want to try this… *drool* i have some sticks as well… but i am scared of black underarms as your mommie said *cry* *cry*

    1. *announce* This thing is SAFE *happydance*
      And it din’t gave me black underarms *hifive* but i started having them when i was hooked on deo’s and i stopped wearing them instead i use to wear goof perfumes
      but then this thing entered into my life *hihi* *oye balle* *oye balle*

  4. wow! *drool* lovely review gulu *puchhi* . seems so good and affordable *happydance* ..this is surely gonna b my next pick *haan ji*

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