Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral Powder Review

Hey beautiful people,

How are you doing today? I am here to share my latest budget-friendly mineral powder from Neutrogena which works good on my oily and acne-prone skin.  I can compare it to Tarte Mineral Pressed Powder for the shine-free result and fine finishing that it gives except for the fact that Tarte is talc and paraben free and works amazingly on my skin while Neutrogena lacks these good points! So, please read on further to know more about Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral Powder.

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Inglot Eyeshadow Refill 378

Product Description:

Freedom System Eye Shadow Square Refill 2.7 g/0.09 US OZ


INR 300 for 2.7g(more now I think)

I have a beautiful darker tone eye shadow from Inglot to share today. I must say I am mighty impressed with most of my Inglot products. If you need a neutral shadow palette, you can make your own and you could add this color for outer v or crease since this is not too black or brown but just right. take a look:

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Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Gel Creme

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are in pink of health and doing fine. I have not been very active on IMBB from the pact few days as my exams are going on and still a few papers are remaining :P Anyways I wanted to share my experience with this new launch lakme skincare product which I have been using since the past few days. I had picked it up a while ago as the SA claimed it to be quite a good product for oily skin. I have never tried any skincare products from them before and hence was excited to try this one :D
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Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick – Red Sunrise Review

Hi Beauties,

I am a self-proclaimed hoarder of beauty stuff. The SAs at my local beauty shops cannot stop grinning from ear to ear when they see me entering the shop. They know that if I see something good, I will never stop at buying just one. I will buy at least two products from the same variant – sometimes more. I love bright colors. Though n*de colors are useful, I somehow don’t buy them very often. A few days back, I had reviewed this variant of lipstick in the shade 02 Fuchsia Libre which was a hot pink color. Today, I am taking a break from my concealer reviews, and reviewing another shade from the same collection. It is named “01 – Red Sunrise.

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Dior Addict Lip Glow – Color Reviver Balm

My husband surprised me with the Dior Addict Lip Glow – Color Reviver Balm a few days after Valentine’s Day. We had spent February 14th at the hospital because I had gone into labor unexpectedly on that day, so we weren’t able to go on a date (obviously). Soon after he, I, and our baby got home from the hospital he handed me this. I knew it was his belated Valentine’s Day gift and yet another way of saying—good job, honey.
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Makeup Academy F2 Foundation Blending Brush Review

Everyone associated with IMBB will agree to the fact that the blog has explored and opened new dimensions of makeup, style and fashion. Each day, I/we learn something new from IMBB. My decision to pick up a stippling brush relates back to an outfit post by Rati ma’am, in which she said that she blended her foundation with a stippling brush for a natural look. I tried to go back and quote that specific outfit post, but I am unable to do so, or it may take a lot of time. Whenever I try a new function brush, I start with a drugstore brand to check its utility in my usage. I was placing an order with Makeup Academy back in early January of this year, so I added this to my cart. I wanted a few other brushes too, but … it is a long story which I will definitely share but in some other post because I want to get quick to the review.

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