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Banana is said to be one of the most nutritious fruits. From having it in our breakfast or making our smoothies we use banana ever single day. It’s available in almost all places and is cheap! However, after eating the banana what do we do? Throw the peel away? Well, it’s a shame that we throw the banana peel away. The banana peel is said to be rich in potassium and antioxidants, and has even more nutrition than the fruit! Better late than never, right? So today I will share with you some amazing ways of using banana peel.

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How are you doing today? I’m keeping so busy these days. But anyways, I always get some time to pen down reviews for you beautiful souls and to keep updated with new launches. After reviewing the new launched Lakme Enrich Satin lipsticks, today I’m reviewing another new launch by Maybelline. There are 3 new shades of silver, green and blue. Read on to know if they are as awesome as its traditional black colossal kajal.
Maybelline Jewelled Jade Colossal Kohl (3)
Price: Rs 249/ for 0.35g

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By Nancy Shaw

Hello everyone,

It’s not rare anymore to come across a person whining about their hair tragedies. Mostly or nearly all of us has gone or most likely is going through a hair loss phase; the reasons being various from pollution to stress to harsh chemical usage to imbalanced diet etc etc. Nonetheless we don’t want it; our hair is precious to us. We know that a healthy and happy hair goes a long way to make us feel and look beautiful. Our fast life certainly makes it difficult to maintain a rigorous and a lengthy hair care regime, but certainly we can take out just a few minutes per week for our invaluably precious hair. So today I will share with you a simple DIY which can certainly keep worries at bay.

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I was born with curly hair and I didn’t fall in love with it until my college days. Once I started loving my curls, there was nothing that made me more happy about my hair like well defined bouncy curls. Somewhere down the line though, my curls started going flat and losing their definition – must be due to the host of products I kept trying on them. I needed something to reactivate them. So, when I found this product, I pounced on it immediately.

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Hello beautiful ladies,

As I mentioned in my review of Wet n Wild Color Icon Heather Silk Blusher, I had bought two of the blushes from their the Color Icon range. The other shade I bought with Heather Silk is called Mellow Wine. Though, both of these are shades of pink, still Mellow Wine is different from the shade Heather Silk. Let’s see how.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Mellow Wine Blusher Review

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