Bollywood Actresses Who Carried Off The “Naturally Beautiful Look” Flawlessly

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I was busy revising the movie “2 States” (yeah…I have watched it that many times), when I started wondering why I like the movie so much. It is definitely because of the story, which seems so close to my heart (and to my life); the acting was superb and also the natural and flawless look sported by all the actors in this movie. I then thought of all the movies which I really like and I realized suddenly that it is this sort of movies which I like the best. I decided to pen down this post that very moment; including all the lead actresses who looked so simple, natural, yet beautiful bordering on gorgeousness in the movie yet not in a very obvious way. This is the way I like best, and this is the way I dress too.

Bollywood Actresses Who Carried Off The “Naturally Beautiful Look” Flawlessly [click to continue…]


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MUA Matte Eyeshadow Palette in Ever After For Matte Eye Makeup Lovers

Hey guys,

So, this is the last eyeshadow palette I got from UK, London:( I purchased this from the MUA’s official website. I know it’s the holiday season and shimmer and glitter is what everyone is loving right now, but I am a matte eye makeup lover, so I thought that I really needed this in my life. Read on to find out did I really needed it or not?

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Makeup Revolution Cover and Conceal Palette and my Mega GOSF Beauty Haul!

Hello Senoritas!! How are you all? I hope all well and in the best of health and wealth.

Makeup Revolution Cover and Conceal Palette [click to continue…]


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Is Benefit Remove It Makeup Remover the Best one around?

benefit remove it makeup remover

Claims :

Why we love it!
Removing your makeup is as important as applying it. Remove it makeup remover effectively removes eye makeup, including long-wearing & waterproof formulas, with an oil-free, no-rinse formula. [click to continue…]


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MUA Matte Eye Shadow, Shade 16 Review

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Today I will be writing about an eye product from the brand MUA. MUA is a very famous drugstore brand in UK and is very affordable too, but unfortunately in India, it is not so affordable. The product that I will be showing you today is one of their single eye shadows and the shade I have is shade No. 16. MUA has single eye shadows in 2 categories: matte and pearl, I have one of each kind. Shade No 16 is one of their matte eye shadows and this is the first one I have from MUA.

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Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon Fragrance Mist

Hello all…

Hope all you girls are doing great. I have had an amazing weekend, as I was at one my dearest friend’s mehendi ceremony and it was even more special, as we met straight after 12 years. Ah!! It was an amazing feeling to meet such an old friend. While in college, we use to bond a lot over books, ahem… the novels and comics I mean, as both of us were ardent readers and I was often found at her home in the evenings post college. We also have this fond memory of gulping down yummy samosa chaat at her house, from the dear chaatwala just below her residence. It really feels special when you know that your old friends still love you the same, irrespective of the time and gap of many years.

And apart from the fun-filled weekend my friend also surprised me with gifts. She gifted me the wonderful product, which I am going to review today. It is the Bath and Body Works Fragrance Mist in Pink Chiffon.

Read on to know my experience with my first ever fragrance from Bath and Body Works.

Bath+&+Body+Works+Pink+Chiffon+Fragrance+Mist+Is+A+Warm+Sweet+Fragrance [click to continue…]

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