Hello everyone,

Here is the third and final shade from the Lip Contour range of Faces. Wrapping up with my favorite shade from the 3 colors that I had picked up, this one is called “Cafe Latte.”

Faces Café Latte Lip Contour [click to continue…]


By Shreya Chopra

Hey my chocó pies,

Today, I am up with some beauty hacks that every girl should know. These hacks are very clever hacks and could make your life a little bit easy.

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Hello everyone,

Giving Colorbar a break for a while, today I have this lip liner from Faces to review for you all. I had picked 3 shades from the range and this is the second one in the series. The shade that I am reviewing today is called “Plump Kiss” and as you can see, it is a plum shade. Read on to know more about this shade :)

Faces Plump Kiss Lip Contour [click to continue…]


Hello sun-shines,

As of now, all of you might have already come to know that I have combination skin and during the humid season, my acne gets a little unpredictable. You can never even guess, when a pimple might just pop up. Hence, it is really important to keep some spot treatment products ready to zap the zits. I got a new one and used it for pretty much 3 weeks. Read further to know, how it worked.

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Hello Everyone,

Continuing with the lip liner series from Faces, here is the shade “Coral Pink.” It might seem to be a must-have in your kitty, but read on first and then decide :)

Faces Coral Pink Lip Contour [click to continue…]


Hello ladies

I have been planning to buy a fuchsia color lipstick for myself, as I had never tried a dark, bright shade of pink. So, I have finally bought this Maybelline Flaming Fuchsia M104 Color Show Matte Lipstick. This is from a new range of lipsticks from Maybelline and I have bought two shades from this range. But, this particular one looked really tempting in the store, as it has an amazing shade. Let us come to the detailed review of it.

Maybelline Flaming Fuchsia M104 Color Show Matte Lipstick [click to continue…]