8 Outfits That Deepika Padukone Copied From Hollywood

Deepika Padukone has attained the Queen Bee status of Bollywood. With a spate of super successful films that have all made to the 100-crore club, she has become one of the most bankable actresses. From Rajnikanth to Shah Rukh Khan, she has worked with all the superstars. Deepika shines equally bright off screen too. Her style is impeccable on red carpet. People may not wait eagerly for Sonam Kapoor “the fashionista” to make an appearance, but they definitely watch out for Deepika Padukone to strut down red carpet, such is the charisma of the star. But only recently, I have noticed that she copies heavily from Hollywood for her red carpet appearances. It’s a little shocking, but let’s find out who wore it better – Deepika or the star who wore it originally?

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10 Foods that Ruin Your Skin

You would be possibly ruining your skin without even knowing it. These ten foods which are a staple for many of us will surprise you by how they can make or break your skin..literally..cut down on these ten foods and see a difference in your skin.


You know collagen? You know how it keeps skin plump and smooth keeping wrinkles at bay? Sugar breaks down that collagen! Need I say more! Sugar also causes breakouts by raising blood sugar and spiking insulin. You need to stay away from all refined sugars, white sugar, brown sugar, and all processed foods with sugar.


Dairy products with added sugar can cause your skin to breakout.  Dairy is highly acidic and rich in natural hormones.If you think you have acne and breakouts, you can remove dairy products from your diet and check the difference for a week.

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20 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Purse

20 Things Every Woman Should Have in her Purse

We women carry our entire world in our purses.  It’s unbelievable how much stuff I dig out of my purse when I clean it up at the end of every month.  Grocery bills, ATM receipts, safety pins, lip balms, and what not tumble out of my bag.  I would be devastated if I ever were to lose my bag, it has so many good stuff in there!   I was thinking about the essentials every woman should be carrying in her bag, actually it didn’t take much time to think, I just checked my bag and the list was ready :P You might be a working women or a carefree teenager, but these are some essentials that you just ought to have! If you don’t carry these things already in your bag, pick the stuff immediately, I say. [click to continue…]


Lotus Herbals Ecostay Lip Gloss Sparkling Rum

This is the last one of the 5 beautiful new shades of lip gloss from Lotus herbals, this one goes out to all brown lip gloss lovers. The shade is a shimmer brown, sparkling rum but honestly it is on the high shine side rather than the high shimmer side.It really really perks your mouth and makes it shiny.This would come under the strict part wear color and would go so well with all darker Indian outfits.
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LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer

Hello everyone! Dark circles make every girl conscious, including me because on my bad days when I develop them, everybody keeps asking: ‘why are you down? Have you slept well? Etc etc’. So looking fresh and radiant makes you escape such useless questions and have a peaceful day *rofl* Anyways, I was using Bourjois healthy Mix Concealer and I am still in love with it, but since I heard rave reviews about L.A Girl’s Pro Conceal HD Concealer, I decided to pick it up. Let’s see is this a drugstore gem or another dud for dustbin.
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Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes

Hey guys,

I’ve recently been busy with life and so I picked up these cleansing facial wipes to shorten my makeup removing process. Here’s how it went.
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