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I recently made a visit to my local beauty store and spotted this body mist. I bought it along with Pure Seduction from VS. I didn’t read a review on it so I thought, I might as well be the one sharing information about this wonderful mist :D
So here it goes. . Read on!
Victoria's Secret Sun Blissed Tamarind & Marigold Body Mist
Price :

$12 but I got it for ₹650. [click to continue…]


babyliss backcomb hair brush

Claims : The BaByliss Back Comb Brush is perfect for back combing hair to create all the volume that any up-do needs. For a glamorous style all you need is the back comb brush as it has the ideal mix of boar bristles for ultimate tension on the hair to create full volume. It has a pin tail handle that is designed for sectioning hair and creating partings but it is also the best tool for positioning any back combed style. [click to continue…]


Hi everyone! Today I am going to talk about my personal experience of getting a Keratin treatment. I’ve always had unruly, curly hair since I can remember. I have gone through a phase when I hate it immensely. Then I’ve loved my curls and embraced them, and wore my hair curly on most days, using a flat iron on some days or just on the front of my hair.

My Personal Experience with Keratin Treatment


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Ever felt the happiness that comes when you find something in your stash that you had forgotten you ever had. Well that’s how I can describe the feeling when I found this gorgeous thing in my lipstick stash. This was gifted to me last year by a friend, I had totally forgotten that this beauty was lying with me. Oh,Better late than never. Coming to review..
Estee Lauder Spiced Cider Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick  (2)

Color so creamy, it seduces every curve of your lips. Hours of moisture. Hours of wear. In the most wanted, most wearable shades. Make one your signature. Full coverage lustrous finish. [click to continue…]


Hello all!

Today, I’ll be reviewing Kryolan Faceliner in shade 36. I own the Faceliner in shade 35 and I found it to be my perfect MLBB shade. I picked 35 initially because I thought 36 would wash out dusky skin tones. Later, I caught myself thinking that I could use 36 with other darker shades to balance it out. So, I walked into the store two days later and bought this shade to keep my heart at peace. Read on to find out if it really suits only the fairer complexion or not.

Kryolan Faceliner in Shade 36 Review [click to continue…]


Hello all,

Recently, I have become nail polish crazy. Well, that’s not true. I have always been nail polish crazy, but this craze has kind of grown recently. In order to quench this nail polish craving, I bought this beautiful and different nail polish from the brand Nails Inc London. The nail polish is different in that it is a magnetic one. Yeah, you heard that right, a magnetic nail polish. These aren’t available in India yet, so I was instantly attracted to this concept of a magnetic nail polish. I chose two shades from the range. I am going to review Trafalgar Square first.

Nails Inc. Magnetic Effect Nail Polish Trafalgar Square [click to continue…]