Harmful Ingredients Present in Skin Whitening Products

Just a few days back, I had written an article ‘Laser Skin Whitening – A Dream or Nightmare’ where we discussed the harmful effects of Skin Whitening with Laser treatments. Today, I am dwelling a little more on the Skin Whitening products, that are available in the market by various brands.

There are a so many Skin Whitening products out there from reputed brands, which promise to give you fair, radiant skin. What they do not tell you is that these products have long term side effects which range from mild skin irritation to bigger problems like Skin Cancer! Would you still want to go ahead with these fairness creams and risk it?

Read on to find out a little bit more on the various chemicals present in most Whitening Products that are affecting our general well-being without us being aware of it!

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Welcome to IMBB Team Nandini :)


Wanna know who has newly joined IMBB Team? It’s Nandini – a lovely, warm, friendly, and vibrant girl from Bangalore with positive vibes and hardworking nature.  She is a techie who worked in a reputed IT firm before joining IMBB. We all give her a very warm welcome and here are some posts that she has written recently :) [click to continue…]


A Guide To Different Kinds Of Acne

It’s the same old story for everyone, you see a pimple and it feels like the whole world is closing down on you and you just need to find a way to break free from these tiny scoundrels that are ruining your life. We try everything to sort the calamity and usually end up in vain, with that nasty pimple still chilling on our faces like it’s no one’s business. Well ladies, most of the time, you do not even know the kind of pimple that has settled on your face. Wait, there are kinds? Yes there are different kinds of acne and each need to be treated much differently to their siblings.

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Now, who would like to be called ‘Yellow, Yellow, Dirty Fellow’ and walk around, smiling and showing off his/her set of YELLOW teeth! Gosh! That could be embarrassing! (Unless you are like really crazy about gold and have made a set of gold dentures for yourself! :D That would look hilarious! he..he..)

Remember those Close-Up advertisements, where they would show a model with perfectly white teeth and then there would be a spark shown on one of the tooth, just to emphasize on the ‘Sparkly Whiteness’ of their teeth? Well, am not too sure if there will be sparks flying when we smile, but I could surely tell you a few ways on how to keep our teeth clean and white…

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Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick Burgundy Blend

Product description:

Maybelline Color Show Lipstick is a fashionable intense lipstick, which comes in chic to vivid shades. Maybelline Color Show Lipstick is highly pigmented giving bold lips.

• It stays for up to four to five hours.
• The creamy texture is not heavy on the lips.
• It does not smear or smudge.
• It does not settle in line.
• As its highly moisturized you don’t need to wear a lip balm.
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5 Disastrous Fashion Trends of Bollywood Divas

Hola beauties!!!

This article is more or less a continuation, or a part 2 of the Fashion Trends by Bollywood Divas article that I had written a few days back. Our female actors are beautiful and gorgeous, and have the capability to turn heads with every appearance they make, whether on screen or off screen. There have been many articles about the disasters that have happened on red carpets or any other public appearances, but this time, I am going to take you down the lane of some movie looks donned by our beloved actresses. Having a look at these makes you cringe, literally, and you want to question them as to why, why, whyyyy did they have to do this to us!!!

  • Rekha – in pretty much every movie before “Ghar”

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