Estee Lauder Nectarine Shimmer Lipstick

By Arpita S.

This comes from the entire makeup set of Estee Lauder my Sister in law got from the United States for my wedding. Well, red is a must for every Indian wedding and I already had a set of reds(Ruby woo being my favourite like many of you) but this was different and I have been happily using it for quite some time now.I did not open it for months and now that winters are here, I have been looking for more shades in red and wine and that’s when I laid my hands on this lovely one.I had packed off most of my wedding gifts waiting for the right time to come came across this while looking for those. Estee Lauder Nectarine Shimmer(Pure Color in Shade 26) is a vibrant and long staying color which looks quite sheer is a single swipe but can be turned into an intense color with heavier coating , hence looks great for both day and night wear. It is a must for people who love creamy lipsticks with shimmer. The packaging is quite sturdy and comes with nice shimmer dots on the cover which gives a very sophisticated look to it,well it makes sure you know what to expect inside it;)

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Vega Go Handy 1200 Hair Dryer

Hello everyone,

Winters have arrived and I am already down with cold. Sometimes I wonder what great immunity power I have. :-P. Anyway, today I am about to share with you my experience of Vega Go Handy Hair Dryer. I was not looking for a very professional hair styling tool, because I rarely use such things, all thanks to my more than waist length hair. I can’t style them on my own, I have to visit the salon for sure. But still being a girl I can’t resist buying such things, especially when somebody say, OMG you do not have a hair dryer. So I bought this handy tool which can be used once in a while.

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ELF Essential Berry Blush Lip Stain – It’s Such a Disappointing Lip Product!

Heya beautifuls,

My current love for berry shades made me pick this lip stain from ELF.  As you all know, ELF is popular as a drugstore brand which makes very inexpensive products which are good too. So, I picked this lip stain from ELF, but did it stay true to the quality that ELF products have? Let’s find out.

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Beauty Secrets From The Asian World

Hi ladies,

The Asian beauty culture is obsessed with skin care. There are so many beauty rituals that Asian women follow on a daily basis.
Here I am listing few precious tips from our continent, that your skin is gonna love if you try them. I found them really promising.
Read on and try whichever suits your fancy!

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Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Red Tango Creme Lipstick Review

Hi Beauties,

Today, I will be reviewing a lipstick from my makeup kit; which is my first Estee Lauder lipstick. Just like you always have a close relation with all the firsts in your life, similarly, I have a similar one with this lipstick. I had bought it a few months back and I wanted to protect it so much, I did not apply it on my lips. Instead, it just held a position of pride on my dressing table until I forgot all about it….till this pujas. I was going through my dressing table items, what to keep and what to throw away; and which ones to wear during the pujas, when I again chanced upon this and I have been almost using this non-stop. Why I forgot about this is another story; and I will tell you about that in my next lipstick review. Till then, read on to know about this love of my life.

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L’Oreal Liss Unlimited Evening Primrose Oil

By Shindhujaa B.

Hi IMBBians,

I would like to review  L’Oreal Liss Unlimited Evening Primrose Oil (Serum), it’s a shine perfecting blow dry oil.It does add shine to your hair like mentioned on the bottle. It comes in pump-type bottle which helps to get desired amount of oil on the palms which you can rub on the hair shafts for added shine and smooth blow dry look.

Key ingredients:

Alkyl benzoate, benzyl alcohol, aleuritis mollucana nut oil.



INR 580 for 125ml

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