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I have always been in love with felt-tip eye markers as they are super easy to use. Of late, I am using a lot of liquid eyeliners but, I do keep these eye markers handy for days when I am in a hurry! I got two eye markers from Physicians Formula as this brand has never disappointed me. Read on to see how the shade “ultra black” worked for me 🙂

Physicians Formula Ultra Black Eye Definer Felt-Tip Marker Review3

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When I visited Hong Kong last year, I found Sasa almost every where and truly, it’s heaven. I asked the SA to give me the best-selling lip balm and he gave me Haruhada Horse Oil Lip Balm. Read on to know how it performs.

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Skin tone: Fair to medium
Skin type: Combination to acne-prone

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Concealers are products that add a magical touch to your makeup look. I have a lot of imperfections on my skin, and concealers come in handy to hide them. Though I am in love with my LA Girl Pro HD concealer, still, I always end up trying new stuff. Maybelline has been one of my favourite brands, so thought of giving this concealer a try! Read the full review below.

Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Concealer + Corrector Review4

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Today, I am here with super easy ways to naturally highlight your hair. Though the natural ways don’t give salon-like results, still, they won’t damage your hair. So, if you are afraid of using chemical-laden dyes, then as a kick start, you can follow these super amazing ways to get natural highlights. Let’s read it further.

How to Highlight Your Hair Naturally Without Any Salon Treatment3

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Product Purchased by IMBB

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Today, I will be reviewing a colorful palette from Morphe. I love bright and fun colors, but have never experimented with bright eyeshadows, so I thought I would invest in this palette 35B and try different eye makeup looks this summer season – thanks to Rati maam for inspiring me 🙂 So, here comes the review of Morphe 35B palette.

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imbb indian makeup and beauty blogHey all, I’m writing after a long time on IMBB. I don’t like to write unless I have something to share because I’m unable to write otherwise. This time, I have many small small things to share with our readers and our writers so please forgive me if this post feels a bit disconnected.

When we started IMBB we were a young couple, newly married, naive and doing things without a plan. Whatever small things Rati would buy, she would write a review about it. She loved Colorbar and Revlon; Chanel and Estee Lauder were too expensive for her. Lakme and Revlon were the kings. We were two small town people just getting to know the world of makeup. Above all, we had no objective in mind. Rati just wanted to start a blog about makeup.

I had seen Rati struggle on totalgadha everyday to generate new content. In order to ease her pain this time around I offered to put in money to have other writers on the blog, people who also loved makeup. And we got a lot of people who were willing to share their experiences on IMBB. Above all, we got Jomol (I really miss reading her articles by the way). Things really took off. Our visitors started building up, a lot of women started coming on the blog. Women searching for makeup stuff on Google started landing on IMBB. We started having a great bunch of people here. [click to continue…]