How Do I Stop my Inner Thighs from Chafing?

A majority of women might have experienced chafing of thighs which is a painful, uncomfortable, rash-like thing in their inner thighs, especially in winters. The struggle is real and how tempting it is to reach down for some relief, no matter who’s around! Also, many think that thigh chafing is only a “fat girl” problem, but inner thigh chafing can happen to anyone when you have a deathly combo of moisture and skin-to-skin friction, regardless of what size your body is, you can experience chaffing. Read on further for a few tips to stop your inner thighs from chaffing.

Stop inner thighs from chafing

1. Keep yourself well hydrated: When your body is dehydrated, it does not freely flush away salts from your body. Drink loads of water to perspire freely so that perspiration doesn’t dry out into salt crystals that can aggravate chafing.

2. Stay Dry: When it’s very hot or when you sweat too much, one useful trick is to keep a small tub of baby powder handy in your bag so that you can sprinkle some on your skin to absorb excess moisture when you’re out. Avoid using talcum or scented powders near the genital area as it might increase the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer. Always pick unscented powders and anti-chafing powders on the thigh area. Also, when your clothing gets wet during a workout, switch to dry gear once you are done.

3. Lubrication: A bit of lubrication will help your thighs glide past each other, rather than rub against each other causing friction. Plain old petroleum jelly is a perfect choice, so apply it liberally on the insides of the thighs before exercising or walking to effectively help protect against chafing.

4. Clothing: One of the best ways to prevent thigh chafing by wearing appropriate clothing. Loose clothes might feel comfortable but to prevent chafing, you need to wear snug fit during workouts. While wearing a skirt or dress with bare legs, it’s easy for your thighs to rub together. So, wear a pair of cycling shorts underneath to reduce friction. Also, your clothes should be made of sweat-wicking fabric like synthetic fiber and should be seamless or have smooth seams as this will help to reduce rubbing and keep your skin as dry as possible.


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