10 Red Lipstick Photos and Swatches

Ten red lipsticks from my collection:

Today I churned out a post which needed ten times my energies because I had to photograph and write up on ten red lipsticks where usually I would review just 1 at a time. I have labelled each and everything for you convenience and my head is spinning. So I hope there are no confusions and questions. Each and every lippy(except avon ones) has also been separately reviewed on imbb so check out the details in the dropdown box with brands or simply search IMBB on the right side as mentioned . 🙂

red lipsticks

red lipsticks

Streetwear red flame:
Rs 140 the cheapest red, it feels like was and very crumbly.Best put in the dustbin. It’s a pinky red and very blood red so to say. It looks really cheap any which way 😐

streetwear red flame

Colorbar velvet matte hearts and tarts:

colorbar hearts n tarts

Again a pure red, it is a maroon red for me.it can look a little bright for day wear and it stains like hell and is a pain to remove. Priced at Rs 225 n, this was a mistake.

Faces go chic red diva:

faces red diva
This one is a gorgeous maroon red and compliments mature women I feel due to its darker undertones. Priced at rs 199 this one is a delight

Maybelline moisture extreme burgundy:

red lipstick
This one is my favourite red. It goes very well with my skin tone, is thick creamy and moisturising

Avon glazewear silk shine lipstick: red glam

red glam
The glossiest lipstick I have, this one makes your lip luscious. Very moisturising and shiny too like the name says

Avon ultra color rich rose lipstick:la sevilana rose

le sevilana rose
This one is personal favourite again as it is a perky yet warm red for me. This is creamy and soft and very moisturising .love it

Lakme absolute matte lipstick 9 to 5:

lakme crimson rose lipstick

This one again is a orangey red and it goes on matte and very well with my skin tone.
Third favourite on the list priced at rupees 375!

Avon simply pretty cherry red:

cherry red
This one is a pinky red, no my favourite as it look a little too bright on me. Priced at less than 200 rupees you can give them a try

Elf fearless:

elf fearless

Priced at $1 abroad, it’s a very bold red and very thick pigmented and intense like the name says, its only for the fearless 😛

Chambor powder matte rubis rouge:

rubis rouge
Undoubtedly my best red, it’s a orangey warm red and I love it to death. Its deep, intense matte and stays on and on. 🙂


red lipstick swatch

red lipstick swatches
Hope you like the compilation. Remember all the swatches and the pictures of full lippies are in the same order as described above.Drop me a message in the comments as to what other compilation you would like to see from my collection . 🙂

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25 thoughts on “10 Red Lipstick Photos and Swatches

  1. oowww Neha..its so nice to see sucha colorful post 🙂 🙂
    drool worthy….
    and I really appreciate your interest in writing up this one.. 🙂 🙂

  2. neha, that’s a fab post and such a gorgeous collection of red lipsticks. wooowwwww!!! It’s hard to pick the favs. but i am loving the avon cherry red, rubis rouge, cromson rose and hearts and tarts the most. 😀

  3. Immense hard work! Fab post neha.. Im loving the chambor and hearts n tarts the most..
    Can u do a compilation on nudes and pinks please…

  4. Whoa Neha!! What a collection! Loved the chambor, avon and maybelline ones the most i think.. but i dont have the courage to pull off a red lip colour. Nevertheless, such lovely shades!
    Please do a compilation on nudes also. 🙂

  5. Nice compilation Neha.. i can never wear red lipsticks..i apply and wipe it off like ten times..it;s as if me and red lipstick are enemies 🙁

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