10 Style Tips from Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen

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Olsen twins have been in the limelight since they were 6 months old! They have literally grown up in front of the camera. They are not really seen in eye-catching vibrant shades of outfits; instead they like to go for more mature and subdued tones. Let’s find out what makes their style factor so unique.

olsen twins

1. Black rules!
When in doubt wear black! Black is the classic colour; you can wear black with any colour, print or texture. You can also try an all-black look too.

2. Booties and wedge sneakers go with everything
Booties and wedge sneakers are not just meant to be worn with jeans or shorts. You can easily dress up or dress down these shoes to go with skirts, maxi dresses or anything for that matter!

3. Backpacks are not just for kids
Gone are the days when backpacks were meant to be used in schools and colleges only. Nowadays backpacks come in different textures and forms. They not only allow you to be hands-free but they also look stylish and practical.

bun style
4. A bun just works
A bun, be it high or low, loose or tight, it just works! Buns look super chic and it is one hairstyle that goes with almost every outfit. When in a hurry and you can’t decide how to wear your hair, then just go for a bun.

5. Leather makes everything better
Leather can instantly turn you all chic and tough. Leather biker jackets work to toughen up the look while leather pants worn with feminine tops or shirts can make you look edgier yet sophisticated in no time.

in suits
6. Suit up in style!
Suits are not just a man’s prerogative. A girl can wear them too with much better style and aplomb. This is the season of donning suits; are you up for it?

7. Capes are evergreen
Cape trend was so in vogue in 2015 and 2016 is looking no different. Capes make a woman feel like a superwoman. You can incorporate capes as cape dresses, tops, and sweaters too.

8. Scarves are an “it” accessory
Scarves are worn all year around to look chic and trendy. A scarf can be worn in so many ways. The Olsen twins use scarves to add a pop of colour to an otherwise all black outfit.

9. Sunglasses are a must have
Sunglasses are not just a necessity but a way of life for them. They have been photographed numerous times with eye-catching sunglasses. Choosing sunglasses according to your face shape can enhance the overall look of your face too and make you look stylish.

10. Layer the accessories
Olsen twins like to layer things up to take the style factor up a notch, be it clothes, bracelets or long necklaces. Layering is superfun and this way you can get more wearout of your things.

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