11 Recent Fashion Blunders from Bollywood Stars

We all see the best and the worst faces of fashion everyday as our beloved stars walk out in designer clothes. Here are recent fashion blunders made by the bollywood stars that definitely made us ask- what were they thinking?

1. Jacqueline Fernandez
jacqueline fernandez
Jacqueline Fernandez is often seen in great and stylish outfits barring this one. This lilac outfit is not at all pleasing to the eyes. Is it a dhoti, a saree or a saree gown? Whatever this is, it definitely gets thumbs down from the fashion police.

2. Kajol
She has improved her sense of style lately and we applaud her for that but not with this outfit. The shade is lovely sea green but it looks more like a wrapping paper and less like a fabric. Also, the fit of the skirt is quite unflattering to her figure.

3. Kangana Ranaut
kangna ranaut
She always manages to get brownie points for her fashion choices but what is up with the shiny fabric and bollywood celebs? The fit of the pant suit is really bad, the fabric is really bizarre and metallic blouse is adding to the woes a bit more!

4. Surveen Chawla
surveen chawla
The new entrant in bollywood came dressed all white to an event. The dress is not that bad but what about the polythene/plastic sleeves?

5. Tanishaa Mukherjee
tanisha mukherjee
Here goes another shiny and cringe worthy fabric and destroys an outfit completely! The skirt is so ill fitted and does nothing to lift up the look.

6. Ekta Kapoor
ekta kapoor
This is not the first time this producer is covered under the worst dressed category; also this is not the last time. She has been known to wear bizarre clothes which feel like from some different world. Here she is wearing a dress which can also double up as curtains and cushion covers in her household.

7. Swara Bhaskar
swara bhaskar
It seems like she was meaning to look like a budding flower in this pink gown or maybe pink is her favourite shade!

8. Lisa Haydon
lisa haydon
Here is one stunning actress with not so stunning outfit choice. This is the classic example how one should not wear sheer dresses.

9. Katrina Kaif
katrina kaif
She always dresses up well but this time was an exception. Her dress and heels look bland. Her face looks shiny and that bun is giving an illusion of a really long face!

10. Malaika Arora Khan
malaika arora khan
Black and navy blue are such classic colours and yes we know that Malaika has got a great body but this dress is what is wrong everything in this world. The neckline, the cut and that weird black piece of clothing in the front is a strict no-no!

11. Sonakshi Sinha
sonakshi sinha
Although she has improved her dressing sense a lot but no comments about this one! From her hairstyle to her heels and that horrendous dress in between, nothing works for her!

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9 thoughts on “11 Recent Fashion Blunders from Bollywood Stars

  1. Jacqueline is wearing the traditional sari of Srilanka called kandyan sari…but yeah, the rest are all fashion disasters.

  2. Yeah. Jacqueline is wearing a Saree .. it’s called kandyan saree . It’s the traditional Saree in sri Lanka. She looks lovely in it.

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