4 Creative Makeup Looks : Vol 4

Hi Everyone, 🙂
After doing a whole week of simple makeup looks, I was missing doing my creative looks. These are my creative looks for the week. I played with a whole lot of glitter, gloss, stars and textures. Did not have any theme in mind this time around. Just went with the flow. 🙂 Hope you like it and have a great week ahead all of you. 🙂 Let me know which ones are your favourite in comments below.

  1. Twinkle at night. Fun Fact : Spilled a whole jar of glitter on floor after doing this look. Now I have sparkly floors. Sanjeev and I are literally twinkling at every catch of light. loll!!black gold glitter liner

2. Ocean

charlotte tilbury eyes to mesmerize 1

3. Infinite Stars
stars lip art

4. Folds of Gloss
gloss eyes editorial

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4 Creative Makeup Looks


12 thoughts on “4 Creative Makeup Looks : Vol 4

  1. Awesommmmeee!!! So creative and gorgeous.
    Love all of them, but love the double eyeliner sparkle the most – *Twinkle at night*

  2. I really look forward to your creative makeup looks for we rarely get to see this way of expressing yourself with makeup. I saw your Insta story and that was such a hot mess you created you on the floor. 😛

    1. thank you shikha. haha! i know. and if you noticed, my glitter also fell in a certain way. 😛 all part of life.. though put me in a bit of a shock for a while. 😛

  3. All four looks are amazingly creative. My Favourite is infinite stars, ocean and twinkle at night. Loved the concept of naming each look and the messages tagged along with each look.

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