7 Makeup Books worth Reading for Every Makeup Lover

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Some of us are avid readers and like to read as much as we can but all of us here are makeup junkies. We all love makeup and when book readers meet the books about makeup then that is like an icing on the cake. There are so many books out there about makeup, beauty and so on. Let’s add them to our bucket list as soon as we can!

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1. Makeup Manual:

If you want to read a timeless book about beauty, food & nutrition, skin care basics and makeup application techniques with amazing illustrations and easy to follow photos then Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown is the one for you. This book covers every aspect of facial makeup from skincare to which tools to use and has various sections devoted to different features of the face. As we all know that Bobby Brown is a well-known makeup artist with a fantastic range of beauty products in her kitty so it would be great to read about her perspective on makeup and beauty.

2. Makeup: The Ultimate Guide:

book makeup the ultimate guide

The book is written by former model and makeup artist Rae Morris. As the name suggests, this book is actually is an ultimate guide to everything related to makeup. It has everything from skin prepping tips, various tutorials on eye makeup to all the latest fads like contouring and highlighting techniques. The book also has various sections on colour matching techniques to up your makeup game a bit more.

3. Face to Face:

The book that is written by Scott Barnes has a comprehensive and detailed description about makeup looks suitable for various occasions. As Scott Barnes has had years of working with some of the biggest celebrities, you will find various make up tips and step-by-step instructions with inspiration to try new looks for yourself.

4. Making Faces and Face Forward:

Face Forward Making Faces

These are 2 different books written by a very experienced beauty guru Kevyn Aucoin. Making faces is divided into three parts: basic techniques, makeovers done on regular people, and transformations on celebrities. The book offers a great guide to create a wide range of different looks.
The second book by the author is the more advanced version of the first book. This book is not for the beginners but for those who are used to applying on a daily basis and boast of knowing few tricks on their own. If you need some inspiration and want to expand your makeup knowledge then this is the book for you.

5. Make-up Master Class: Beauty Bible of Professional Techniques and Wearable Looks:

The name of the book by Jemma Kidd says it all. The book gives you a step by step detailed instruction of how to enhance the features of the face with incredible makeup tips and tricks. The book also gives you a guide on how you can work tricky makeup looks on a daily basis.

6. Makeup Your Mind, Express Yourself:

The book by François Nars is visually quite stunning because of the photographs used of ordinary people from various ethnic backgrounds to demonstrate various makeup techniques. This book is filled with before and after photos of makeup looks with clear schemes of which products have been used on a particular person. This book is truly a visual delight.

7. Lauren Conrad Beauty and Lauren Conrad Style:

The books are written by Lauren Conrad who is a beauty and fashion genius. Both of the books will teach you a lot of lessons about how to perfect every makeup technique, how to take care of our bodies and also to create various makeup looks to look flawless in whatever you do. Both of the books are enough to inspire you in the field of makeup. Grab them as soon as you can.

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