Alba Botanica Natural Acne Dote Clean n Treat Daily Cleansing Towelettes Review

Alba Botanica Natural Acne Dote Clean n Treat Daily Cleansing Towelettes

Hi friends

How are you doing today? We are finally back on track after a long, tiring yet wonderful vacation. Luckily we grabbed another opportunity to make a short trip and attend a big fat wedding last weekend, a Punjabi traditional wedding party.. my most awaited moment. It’s been long since I enjoyed wedding fun, naach gaana and above all delicious food! I totally thank my sister in law for this wonderful opportunity of meeting up in her cousin’s wedding and exploring great Indian cultures on one table. I know it has been tough for her to accept our Kumaouni culture being a Punjabi at heart. Seriously nothing beats their signature Punjabi dhol which sparks unknown shamelessness in your personality and you just want to move & shake your body no matter what.

Anyways, before I start creating hoopla about the dhol let’s get straight to my review. Today I will share another most used up and appreciated stuff from alba botanica throughout my trip.

Alba Botanica Natural Acne Dote Clean n TreatDaily Cleansing Towelettes


Alba botanica seems decent drugstore brand for every beauty and I like their products for their sls free, paraben free formulation mostly. However like any decent brand their products are either hit or totally a miss for me! Thankfully their Acne dote clean n treat facial towelettes are hit for me which totally eased my CTM routine during vacations. So please read on further to know more about Alba botanica natural acne dote clean n treat daily facial towelettes..:)

Price: $ 5.97 for 30 moist facial wipes, price may store to store

Packaging: These moist facial wipes are enveloped inside ordinary plastic pouch reseal packaging to maintain their hygiene and easy usage. It does have slight coconut oil infused smell which is not overpowering but might be bothersome for few gals! Over all it’s quite user friendly and travel friendly stuff.

AlbaBotanica Natural Acne Dote Clean n Treat Daily Cleansing Towelettes

My take on Alba Botanica Natural Acne Dote Clean N Treat Daily Cleansing Towelettes:

These facial wipes are nicely hydrated and super soft to clean away dirt and oil off from face without any tugging and pulling sessions apart from clearing face make up. Though, I usually refrain myself from rubbing it over eyes and lips as it gives me slight discomfort. It really clears my face make up gently in few strokes without any hustle bustle of rubbing hard on my sensitive skin. They are quite big and wide to cover my face and neck at one go.

I used it mostly during my stay outside when I was too skeptical to use public washroom or our host’s bathroom.. 😛 Well that’s how we girls are aren’t we? I used to reach back home all tired and hungry and thinking of CTM routine just exaggerated my pain. Thankfully these cleansing wipes came to my rescue and I used them at night to cleanse off make up and dirt before going to bed. Moreover, I could clearly notice traces of dirt and my primer, foundation on these wipes which totally increased my trust on this stuff. I did not experience any zits or blemishes after using it. However I never felt a need of night moisturizer after using these wipes.

Alba Botanica Natural Acne Dote Clean n Treat Daily Cleansing Towelettes

Apart from bedtime, I used them as refreshing towels during day time and they really helped me in getting rid of scorching heat and shine from face. Though I used to follow it with moisturizer and face powder occasionally! The disclaimer says to start with one application daily then gradually increasing to 2-3 usages but I always started with 2 usages daily and it never irritated or dried my sensitive skin. In fact I felt that it smoothed out and gently invigorated my oily skin which helped me to get clean, soft and smooth skin throughout my trip.

I would not say that it deeply cleanses skin as it cannot help in getting rid of black heads/white heads i.e it may not replace your facial cleanser completely but it certainly helps in mildly exfoliating and cleaning temporarily. It is a must have stuff for travelling and trips especially for oily, acne prone skin beauties as I fear the salicylic acid & other natural ingredients in its formulation might bother dry skin, problem free skin gals. Over all it’s a winner for me and I cannot think of my next trip without these facial wipes honestly.

Alba Botanica Natural Acne Dote Clean n Treat Daily CleansingTowelettes

Pros of Alba Botanica Natural Acne Dote Clean N Treat Daily Cleansing Towelettes:

• A two in one medicated cleaning wipe infused with goodness of willow bark extract and 2 % salicylic acid which are known as a boon for oily, acne prone skin
• It claims to be used as treatment for acne but I used it as normal cleansing wipe and it totally served my purpose of cleaning, refreshing and treating acne prone skin very well
• It really wipes away dirt, oil and face make up gently in one-two stroke
• It never irritated nor dried my sensitive acne prone skin
• It temporarily replaced my bedtime CTM routine and I used to wake up with fresh, clean and blemish free skin each morning
• I used it to clean up excess oil and sweat off my face during day time and it helped me in clearing excess oil and dirt without any discomfort
• The wipes are super soft and ample hydrated to avoid any discomfort while rubbing gently on skin
• They are also effective in clearing face make up up to good extent
• Pretty hygienic, reseal able, user friendly and travel friendly stuff at affordable price

Alba Botanica Natural Acne Dote Clean n Treat DailyCleansing Towelettes

Cons of Alba Botanica Natural Acne Dote Clean N Treat Daily Cleansing Towelettes:

• It is not good for removing eye makeup and lip make up as it might cause discomfort while using on eye & lip area
• It might not be good for dry skin gals
• It’s deep cleansing claims are slight exaggerated as it only gives topical and temporary relief unlike deep cleansing facial cleansers
• It won’t heal existing zits though it won’t accentuate them as well

Well I am really happy and satisfied with my purchase this time and I will definitely consider them again in my next vacation and shopping list as well! Even I often use them at night when I am super tired and need break from regular CTM routine these days. For me these are must have and I will give them 4.5/5 overall. For oily, acne prone skin gals it is a boon totally!

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13 thoughts on “Alba Botanica Natural Acne Dote Clean n Treat Daily Cleansing Towelettes Review

  1. I agree that wipes can be very handy most of the time..wen u r on travel or in a wedding home..or at times wen u feel too tired or lazy to wash ur makeup..the only problem is most of the wipes fail to remove eye makeup *nababana* nice review neetu di…i hope u enjoyed n danced to ur heart’s content at the wedding 😛

    1. yeah true.. *hifive* oh yes i ate ate n danced like anything.. *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *hihi* *hihi*

  2. well for the price i think they are a total grab!!! so well written about dhol, such precisely collected words neetu… *clap*

  3. I have one doubt *scared* neetu, how can u use these on day time? i mean with makeup on, if we use these makeup is removed, so v need to do makeup agn na? sorry for silly doubt, but i like ur review *clap* , while travelling/ when i am lazy i use neutrogena makeup removal wipes, those are super hit for me, they remove all makeup with one wipe and eye makeup also, don’t u like those? *shy*

    1. oh yes i dnt use face make up often so for me its nt an issue … *hihi* *powder*
      oh really .. *woot* I will try them next then.. *drool* *thankyou* for ur info dear… really appreciate.. *happydance*

  4. It seems really good for traveling – very convenient. 🙂 I love that it has organic and vegetarian ingredients. *haan ji*

    The Punjabi traditional wedding party sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. *happydance* *happydance* *happydance*
    i like skin care products reviewes….
    but its horrible nothing goes ok with my skin…. *duh* *duh* *duh*
    i m still hunting my HG products n always loook 4 ur reviews as my skin is very oily rather oil factory specially T-Zone *ghost* *ghost* *ghost*
    oil glands like *devil* *devil* *devil* *devil* this when i go for skin care products

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