Are You Really Running Short Of Time?

Are You Really Running Short Of Time?

Hello everyone,

We are the people of this generation, born and brought up with each and every facility. We have everything with us except one thing that is “TIME”. Each and every person on this planet earth is running short of time. The day begins and ends in a regular fashion and then we all have one common complaint: yaar time nahi hai.

Are you running short of time

Before I begin this post, I would like to ask you few questions. Let me begin with a very simple one.

  • Are we simply dragging our life or are we trying to live it?
  • When was the last time you pampered yourself with a simple manicure or pedicure?
  • Do you remember last time you went to school to pick up your son/ daughter?
  • Do you have time to simply eat your breakfast peacefully in the morning?
  • Or let it be very straight forward, when was the last time you had a satisfactory talk either on phone or face to face with your mom?
  • Have you ever though why this is happening? What has happened today that we are not able to spare some time for our own selves? Why we are always so frustrated and irritated by the end of the day?

Life isn’t easy. I agree. But we are supposed to live it, not drag it. Time would definitely fly, no matter how hard you try to stop it. All you need to do is build some memories every moment. By moment I do not mean that you do exciting things every day. I simply want to say do something which gives you satisfaction. Why was school and college the best time of our lives? Why can’t the pre wedding phase be equally good to the post wedding third year? Why are the responsibilities on our head making our hair grey?

My dear friends, prioritize things in life. Decrease the level of stress your job is giving you. Spend some extra time in the morning to get ready. For what purpose are you buying all those make up products when you do not have sufficient time to apply it before you leave for office? Time never stops for anyone. You can’t get 28 hours in a day of 24 hours. You won’t ever get that.


Here are few tips I would like to share to compensate for this running short of time problem:

Do something that gives you satisfaction. May be cooking, writing a review or simply sleeping an extra 15 minutes. Just do it. Do not think. It gives you peace of mind.

Take a break. If you won’t go to the office one day in a month, office won’t stop working without you. Just break the regular routine and spend the day doing something relaxing.

Plan a holiday: I hope you have heard that advertisement tag-line ‘The farther you go, the more closer you get to your family.’ Plan a trip to a nearby place or may be your next dream destination. After the vacations I am pretty sure you will feel more refreshed to work. See the basic point I have behind this idea is, that whenever we cherish our good old times, we will have something to remember in it. Make some new memories, and cherish them later in your life.



15 thoughts on “Are You Really Running Short Of Time?

  1. Such a nice article. Thank you for this. 🙂 I know a 80 year old lady from a NGO, who tells me- Never say that you dont have time. It is all about prioritizing..

    Nice article again, Megha.. 🙂

  2. Such a nice article. Thank you for this. 🙂 I know a 80 year old lady from a NGO, who tells me- Never say that you dont have time. It is all about prioritizing..

    Nice article again, Megha.. 🙂

  3. Its awesome yaar:) I just returned from office after a hectic day 🙁 🙁 The moment I started reading your article, I felt really good.Its all about prioritizing and balancing your work life as well as your personal life.Working in a IT field, even sometimes I feel like I was running out of time.I got motivated after reading this.
    Its a really very good post dear:)

    1. Thanks a lot swathi… V need to actually balance our life, no matter how busy v r.. This schedule would go on, but v need to decide wat is important..

  4. wonderful article megha.. 🙂 u r so thoughtful and sharp at such tender age hats off!! Though i dnt feel am running out of time luckily coz i dnt hv any job schedule but still this article is an eye opener to organise and prioritize our things in order to feel happy and organised all the way.. (y) This will certainly help me to plan and change my priorities once I start working full time!!

    1. Thank u so much neetu.. Really thankful to u for ur appreciation.. I m glad u liked my thoughts.. Full time working actually makes u tired and frustrated by the end of the day.. But this should not change our way to happiness to life..

  5. Such a lovely article..and I am happy to see that I do most of the things that u have mentioned here..i love my life, i shop and i don’t give two dimes about what anyone thinks, apart from those whi matter to me 🙂 🙂

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