Artis Elite Mirror Collection 10 Brush Set Review and Must Haves


Claims : Artis brushes are made exclusively with CosmeFibre, a revolutionary engineered fibre made for applying cosmetic and makeup products. Acc to Andy Warhol, Artis Brushes are the Rolls-Royce of Brushes.

Price : USD 355 / INR 24,000 approx

My Experience with Artis Elite Mirror Collection 10 Brush Set
I have been wanting to try Artis Brushes for the longest time. So this time around during my trip to London, I knew I had to pick them up.I looked for them at many stores. They were sold out. So I ordered them from netaporter. And lo and behold, I have this dream brush set that I can’t stop obsessing about. Although a sane person would want to pick some of the best ones and the must have ones. At IMBB, we want to review everything. So I had to pick a full brush set to put it across for you all. To give you a little background, Artis brushes are created by Matthew Waitesmith. He was a former MAC Makeup Artist and worked at MAC for 17 years before resigning as a Senior Vice President. Not surprised that these brushes are coming from a well experienced hands.

I picked up this Elite Mirror Collection Brush set. It comes with 10 brushes. Although Artis offers more brushes than just these 10 but this et pretty much covers major brushes from their range.  These brushes are designed in such a way that each brush has a multi purpose use. So they are offered in a shape form than actually by their set purpose. The brushes in this set are oval, linear and round.

Artis brushes on average have 3-10 times as many individual fibres as conventional brushes. More fibres do more work with every pass across the surface of the skin. For example, the Oval 10 Brush has over 250,000 individual fibres each with a microscopically small and soft tip.

These are cruelty/animal free brushes.This also helps in preventing any allergic or sensitive reaction one may have in using animal hair brushes.
These brushes are extremely soft on the skin. They are almost like a cushion on the skin. they are THAT soft.

These brushes also have this gorgeous design. The silver handle of the brush bends a bit so the brushes move along the contours of the face. You feel this effect most when you use a big oval brush while using powder. The brush literally glides on your skin from across your face to your neck and underneath the chin.

I have washed them many times and regularly spot clean them. They have retained their shape. They have never shed a bristle and they have not flared or expanded. Although with white handles you do have to treat them with a lot of extra care. They have rubberize handles, that make for an amazing grip.

They do take more time to dry in comparison to the regular brushes because of their denser bristles, especially the big oval ones take really long to dry.

Overall, I’d say that you really don’t need these brushes in your life. You can totally achieve a flawless makeup look with regular brushes as well. This is PURE luxury. These brushes are mostly for self use not even for clients, if you are a makeup artist. The whites would totally get dirty after a period of time and you’d end up working with not-so-clean looking brushes. I also have to add that these do take time to get used to. I mean it could totally be the case that you buy them out of craze but don’t spend enough time to getting used to these, they would only be sitting at your drawer adding to the prettiness. However I’d say that you do get addicted to using them once you start using them. Since they are one of the softest brushes you can have, you really want to use them all the time. I am not a huge fan of the linear brushes (except one). I find them strange to use for eyeshadows unless I just have to smoke my liner. I use one of the linears to create clean edges for my lipstick. I would probably get more hang of them as I use them more but I don’t find myself reaching out for them a lot. However for base makeup and lips, I totally love using these brushes. They drink up a lot less product as compared to the regular dense brushes. And you actually end up using a lot less product but still get that flawless finish. I also feel that these brushes should be used in combination with regular brushes. Although once you get hold of them you can do real epicness with brushes but sometimes I feel you end up applying more product than required with these brushes. So if you have a fluffy brushes handy you can stress out less and have more fun. All I am saying is that you don’t have to be hell bent on using just these brushes. It’s always good to have a good mix of tools in your makeup kit.

For me the must have are Oval 8, Oval 6 , Oval 4 , Linear 6 and Circle 1 R
Rating : 4/5

Artis Oval Brush 10 : The Oval 10, has a generously sized, rounded oval of fibres to provide coverage to a larger area of the face and body. This patented brush is superior for applying a setting powder to the entire face; or blending highlighting powders to the face or body. This brush can be used to apply powder foundation to the entire face in seconds. Or it can apply a shimmer effects product to other large areas of the body such as the shoulders or chest area. The Oval 10 has over 250,000 fibres.
What I use this Brush For: Setting powder, powder foundation. Also for or applying shimmer to décolletage and shoulders.




Artis Oval Brush 8 : The Oval 8 is slightly smaller than the Oval 10 and has 100’s of thousands of fibres in an oval shape to provide applications to a large area of the face. This patented brush is perfect to apply a foundation, or setting powder to the entire face; or apply and blend bronzing or highlighting powders to large areas of the face and body.

What I use this Brush For: This is my most favourite brush from the entire collection. I use to apply moisturiser, primer, foundation, and even to apply blush . I find the size of this brush extremely versatile. This gives an airbrush finish to the foundation and does not soak up too much product. I just dab the foundation with finger tips and this blends my foundation within seconds. I also use to blend the concealer. The curved handle of the brush totally helps on getting even the smallest contours of the face easily.




Artis Oval Brush 6 : The Oval 6, is great for applying product to the entire eye lid; or foundation to the face, or contouring the cheekbone area. This patented brush applies blush beautifully to the apple of the cheek and blends it so that the application looks natural and healthy.

What I use this Brush For: Another absolute favourite of mine. You can use this brush both for eyes and face. I mostly apply my contour color with this brush. The size and the shape of the brush gets the perfect contour application. You can tilt the brush a bit the side and it gives that sharp killer contour. And them I go with a bigger brush to blend in the edges. You can totally make a very strong contour with this one. It also depends on whether you are using this brush light or heavy handedly. It is very versatile. I also apply a wash of powder on the lids with this one. I use to blur the edges of my blush. Sometimes when I just want that hint of color on apple of my cheeks, I reach out for this one.




Artis Oval brush 4 : The Oval 4, has an overall “footprint” of fibres sized to facilitate application to a particular portion of the eyelid, like the area from the upper lash line to the fold in the eyelid. This patented brush is great for applying concealer to the area under or around the eye. Or, to place a highlight on the brow bone.
What I use this Brush For: Under eye concealer and for highlighting the under eye area especially.  I used tried using it for applying overall wash of eyeshadow on eyes. It works but I don’t really enjoy using these brushes on eyes much. I also like this one for using around the nose. Also sometimes I use it blur out the edges of my nose contour.





Artis Oval Brush 3 : The Oval 3 assists the user in shading and blending the products applied to the outside and inside corners of the eye lid and smaller areas of the eyelid. This patented brush is also useful for applying foundation or concealer to the inside corner area of the eye or on the side of nose by the nostrils.
What I use this Brush For: I don’t find myself using this brush much. Sometimes when I really want that intense color on the centre of the lid. This brush can make even the sheerer shadows look intense. It just packs the color amazingly. Just pick up up and pop it on your lid. No wetting the brush, no fall outs, no intensifying the shadow. The brush does it all for you.





Artis Circle Brush 1R : The Circle 1, has a tilt from the handle and a round fibre bundle which ends in a flattened surface that simulates the shape of a lipstick bullet tip. This patented brush applies lip products across the lip quickly and softly, and can also be used for a more precise edge if desired. The Circle 1 will apply small areas of concealer to help cover spots.

What I use this Brush For: It is supposedly a lip brush but I prefer Circle 1 more than this one. This one also is a good one for spot concealing.




Artis Circle Brush 1 : The Circle 1, has a tilt from the handle and a round fibre bundle which ends in a curved dome of tips that provides soft yet focused application and blending. This patented brush applies products into the fold/crease of the eyelid quickly and softly to help sculpt, and can also be used for other targeted small areas like the corners of the eye or beside the nostrils.

What I use this Brush For: Circle 1 is my abbbsolute favourite brush for applying lipstick. I love how the flat top kind of sits on the top of the lips and the bet handle moves beautifully along the curves of the lips. Also since the bristles are quite even at the edges, it makes for a more precise application and the lipstick does not all outside the lip line. You can also use this brush to spot conceal. It sits flat on top of the skin. Just keep patting it on and it would conceal the spot and blend in with the foundation. Cleaning this brush is a pain because the lipstick does get to the centre of the brush so you have to deep clean it everytime. It does not spot clean very well.




Artis Liner Brush 6 : The Linear 6, helps produce a wider line [about 5-6 mm] of product application. This patented brush can apply a continuous soft edge line of product along the upper or lower lash line. It is also useful for creating wider line patterns for special effects or patterned makeup.

What I use this Brush For: I don’t use this brush for anything eyes. it is my Holy Grail brush for nose contouring. I just cannot get the lines straight to save my life. This just drags to the contour on my nose STRAIGHT. I would cry if I lose this brush. 😛




Artis Liner brush 3 vs 6

Artis Linear Brush 3: The Linear 3, has a medium width [about 3 mm] row of fibres to help concentrate product application in a line, such as along the upper lash line or below the lower lashes. This patented brush applies a perfect precise line of product along the upper lash line or tucked under the lower lash line. It can also be used for special effects makeup to create medium size lines and linear shapes.

What I use this Brush For:Don’t use it much except for cleaning the edges of my lipstick with concealer. Works great in that aspect. I have tried smoking mu kohl with this one. It does not disappoint in that area as well.



Artis Linear Brush 1 : The Linear 1, has a very narrow [about 1-2 mm] row of fibres to help concentrate product application in a line, such as along the lash line. This patented brush can apply a precise line of product along the upper lash line or tucked under the lower lash line. It can also be used to fill in and define the brows and can simulate brow hair lines; or can be used to apply a defined line along the lip or any other part of the face. The Linear 1 brush is very helpful for special effects makeup to create crisp lines and linear shapes.

What I use this Brush For: It’s a great brow brush in my opinion. For creating a liner with this one, it’s a struggle. I have never been able to get a sharp line with this one the way I get with a regular liner brush.You can also use this brush to get blobs of mascara off from your lashes.






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  1. I’ve be been swooning over these brushes ever since I saw them but didn’t get them from practicality sake (I am super lazy cleaning my regularly brushes these will drive me nuts)
    I love how u found a purpose for each of of these..
    Question-what do u use to wash and spot clean these ..

  2. Awesome and detailed review on these brushes Rati! I have my eyes on Oval 8, for setting foundation! I would love to own each one of these, but as you have mentioned, not all the brushes are must have.

  3. Aww they luk supercute 🙂 Perfect post Rati and you didnt miss any point right from details of brushes to their suggested usae as sumone like me who buys things then googles what it is meant for 😛 It will serve as wholesome post to get directions and pick the one which suits utmost need 🙂 Needless to say you are one unique spontaneous creative diva whom I admire not only for owning the blog or high end pdts or beauty knowledge but also for this rare quality as how to take inspiration and own it completely taking it to unique level 🙂 I might have read about the brushes or any product in many sites but still your posts your oodts always stand out unique classy and owned by you completely you know what I mean 🙂 :hatsoff gal!!

  4. Wow these ones are perfect and ultra luxurious, like you said not a must have except for one or two. Thanks for the detailed review.

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