Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted Fine Fragrance Mist Review

Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted Fine Fragrance Mist Review

By Mimosa B.

Hi Gorgeous ladies!

Hope all’s well in beauty land! As you know, I shared a review about the Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted Shimmer Mist. Well I thought since I also use the same in the Fine Fragrance Mist version, why not review that too as many of you may not prefer shimmer in your perfume or elsewhere.

Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted Fine Fragrance Mist

So, this is the Be Enchanted Fine Fragrance Mist, also from their Signature Collection, sans the shimmer.  As you have guessed, I am irrevocably in love with body mists, especially the “Be Enchanted” range.  Now all I need is the Be Enchanted body lotion, so I can layer it on.

I spritzed some on whilst walking around the store and even went out to roam around in the mall and after an hour or so, I fell in love with it and headed back to the store to pick it up. Bath and Body Works claims that you will fall in love at first mist and oh yes I did! However, with all fragrances that I buy, I always like to spritz myself and walk around for a few hours before making my decision. So although it was love at first sight, I went ahead and courted for a couple of hours till I was satisfied to commit to this long-term relationship! It’s always best to let the scent settle on your body first and let your unique body chemistry determine the final outcome.


$14.00 for 236 ml.

Key Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: Mouthwatering Citrus, Iced Pomegranate, Chilled Wildberries, Crystallized Passionfruit
Mid Notes: Sheer Honeysuckle, Floral Frosted Bouquet, Sugared Violet, Dew fruit, Asian Pear
Dry Notes: Whipped Vanilla, Creamy Musk, Sandalwood.


This mist comes in a transparent plastic spray bottle and the fragrance has a light pink hue. The spray nozzle is easy to use and the cap is larger than the cap of the shimmer mist version, so more bulky. This is a fairly large bottle, so not handbag friendly unless you’re one of those women who don’t mind carrying large bottles around or you own a spacious hand bag. Thankfully as this is plastic, it’s much lighter than carrying glass bottles of perfume which weigh your bag down. Personally, I would be comfortable carrying a travel size version as I like topping up my fragrance through the day.

Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted Fine Fragrance Mist

My Experience with Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted Fine Fragrance Mist:

As the top notes are screaming citrus and pomegranate, I love this scent. Longevity wise, this is impressive as mists don’t normally last long especially when compared to an eau de toilette or an eau de parfum, but this lingers on. As with many fragrances, the top notes take a back seat to the mid and dry notes which gradually come through. The rich fruity notes in this mist settle down giving way to musk, vanilla and sandalwood. Keeping in mind those fragrances, when mixed with the concoction of skin molecules, trigger a series of chemical reactions that produce a unique smell, you won’t be disappointed in this scent as it’s not overtly fruity but has the perfect blend of fruit, floral and subtle woody notes.

Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted Fine Fragrance Mist

As I do with all mists, this is best used on damp skin, just fresh out of the shower or just post moisturizing, so the non-scented lotion holds the scent more. Try layering with the “Be Enchanted Body Lotion” for extra longevity but would suggest to not mix with other scented body lotions as that will suffocate the notes in this mist. I spray this on behind my ears, décolletage, inner wrists, inner elbows, behind my knees (basically all the pressure points) and the nape of my neck so it spreads into my hair and lasts longer. Don’t you hate it when you have been to a party and you come home to find your hair reeking of smoke etc? As these body mists contain moisturizing oils like aloe vera in this case, do not spray on clothes but just directly onto skin as the mist also nourishes your skin.

Pros of Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted Fine Fragrance Mist:

  • One of the best sellers in the Signature Collection.
  • Easy-to-use spray nozzle.
  • Plastic bottle, so don’t worry if you drop it.
  • Fruity top notes with a hint of musk, vanilla and florals which is perfect for day or night.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • The conditioning aloe vera (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract) makes your skin nourished and does not irritate or harm you if you have sensitive skin.
  • Lasts all day long.
  • Value for money considering the big size too.

Cons of Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted Fine Fragrance Mist:

  • Being a best seller, they run out of stock so stock up next time you’re in their store or ask your friends and family to buy more than one bottle.
  • Not available in India as of yet.

Would I Repurchase Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted Fine Fragrance Mist?


IMBB Rating:



This mist is perfect for going to work as it is not overpowering, going out or just plain lounging around at home when you just want to smell divine. So, now you know my love for the Be Enchanted range from Bath & Body Works and can’t wait to purchase their body creams, lotions and travel sized mists too! Happy shopping ladies! xoxo

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  1. Oh my chilled wild berries n vanilla would be enough to make me buy this 🙂 amazing it sounds.. I always wanted to try this.. N after a 5/5 I can’t wait 🙂

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