Beauty Products You Must Refrigerate

You might have heard this before – storing the products right is the best way to increase their life. On the contrary, I can bet on this you might not know about few makeup products that should always be refrigerated to get the best out of them. Storage of the makeup products is very important, and if you have never thought this before, this is the time to spin your head! Just like milk demands to be stored in the refrigerator, there are certain products that deserve their place in our refrigerators and not in our vanity kits.

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You should put your eyeliner in the refrigerator 30 minutes before you want to apply it. This will help to maintain a good texture of the eyeliner and will make the application easy too. Further, it will help achieve fine lines on your eyelids too. You can also keep your eyeliner pencil for 15 minutes before sharpening.


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This is not new to any one of us that perfume needs to stored in cool and dry place. Did you think of storing them in the fridge? Perfumes should be kept in the refrigerator to maintain fragrance and retain chemical compounds so that it does not undergo any molecule changes.

Eye Creams

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Eye creams are usually used around the eyes to treat puffiness and for cooling effects. It should be refrigerated so that the cold therapy used in the making of eye cream works. When a cold eye cream is applied, because of its cold temperature, it constricts blood vessels which in results in reduction of puffiness around your eye.

Facial Masks

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Facial masks are best when stored in the fridge. They are used to provide hydration to the skin and also moisturise it well. Using a cold facial mask is best for people who suffer from irritation on skin or have troubled skin. If you don’t want to refrigerator your mask the entire time, you can put them in an hour before applying.

Products with Aloe Vera

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There are varieties of aloe products available in the market. The moment to grab aloe based products, remember them to store in the fridge always. Aloe Vera helps to calm your skin, avoid inflammation and also hydrates your skin the right way and keeping it cool only enhances the effectiveness.


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Do you experience melting of lipsticks often, especially during summer months? This is due to heat. Over a period of time, due to heat, your lipsticks starts melting and breaking down. The best way to store them is by providing them chilled environment! Place them in the fridge and this will help the lipstick to maintain its shape (If not always, you can surely do that if you feel the lipstick is breaking down).


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Toners are used to clean your skin and also to shrink those large sized pores. Refrigerating them improves the results on your skin and also gives refreshment on your face.


Beauty Products You Must Refrigerate

Anyone with troubled or sensitive skin who faces frequent allergies and inflammation on their body, are always recommended storing moisturisers in the refrigerator. This will help to calm down the burning sensation and will also soothe the skin.

Any Vitamin C Product

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If your products have Vitamin C in their ingredients list, make it a point to refrigerator them all the time. Products which contain Vitamin C, if stored under heat or excess warm condition, may lead to reactions in the products. It is said that Vitamin C starts undergoing abnormal changes when stored under sun or heat.

Nail Paints

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Yeah, you might surely know this. Nail paints should be stored in chilled place so that they maintains their texture all the time and appropriate atmosphere adds some life to them.

Hope you all would start refrigerating your makeup and skin care products and provide them with the atmosphere they demand. Have a great day ahead!

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  1. I am not sure about storing my perfumes in the refrigerator. But I definitely have to store my lipsticks, nail paints and toner in cool place.

  2. Beauty gurus shall have to buy a mini fridge just to store their makeup and skincare then lol. unless you live in poland 😛 So far I have kept my gel sunscreen , moisturiser and loreal 20+ anti imperfections cream in the fridge 😛

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