10 Best Ab Exercises for Flat Tummy to do at Home

Before I begin, I would like to share a truth that my trainer at the gym told me, that to reduce fat around your tummy, it is much better to build muscles in the area than to do extensive cardio exercises like walking on the treadmill or riding the stationary bicycle because muscles burn fat faster. In this post, we have included 10 ab exercises for a flat tummy that you can do at home without hitting the gym and without spending money on any fancy gym equipment. But remember to take at least half an hour to one hour each day from your busy schedule and do them diligently. I have tried to select some of the best exercises from the ones you can do at home. In the gym, you can opt for equipment to do more exercises such as ball crunches and knee raises, but then, we have listed out 10 of the best abs exercises that you can do at home and flaunt flat tummy in a short span of time:

1. Bicycle Crunches:

It’s an exercise that builds your core muscles and additionally will help tone the thighs. It is also a form of cardio exercise along with being a core and ab exercise. To do this exercise:

  • Lay flat on your back.
  • Keep your hands behind your head and touch your right elbow with your right knee.
  • Touch your left elbow with your right knee. Do this for 15 reps in 3 sets.

Here’s how you can do bicycle crunches in the comfort of your home:

2. Floor Leg Lift/Leg Raises

A good exercise for lowers abs and probably a little tough exercise in the beginning because many of you would be having problems in lifting your legs and maintaining them in air. I remember Rati also had problems in the beginning, but within two to three days, she was able to do it with practise. Remember not to let your feet touch the ground while bringing them down. Also, keep your hands strictly tucked in below your hips. And don’t rest before the reps are over. 🙂

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3. Sit Ups

My favorite exercise; although I started preferring working on the inclined plane and with plates in hand, these would not be available at home. So we do what we can. Although the video shows how to do it alone, the best thing to do is with your partner. For example, I used to do it at home with Rati standing on my toes, my legs bent at the knees, and my hands behind my head. We used to 6 sets of 50 reps each. Anyhow, the video is good to start with:

4. Crunches

As an abs exercise, nothing beats the crunches. One of my colleagues has still flat stomach at this age because he used to do a lot of crunches in his teens (5000 everyday he told me). Three things to remember while doing crunches is to try and keep looking at the ceiling instead of the tummy while raising your head, not to raise your head with your hands but with your tummy, and feel yourself pressing the tummy muscles every time you do a crunch. Otherwise, you can do a lot of crunches without any result.

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5. Reverse Crunches: Reverse crunch is the most effective exercise to melt belly fat, especially when it comes to women. It is often advised to begin with normal crunches and progress on to reverse crunches after a few weeks because it does require a bit of a strength. Reverse crunches target deep abdominal muscles including rectus abdominis and external oblique at the sides of the abdomen. Here’s how you do reverse crunches correctly:

6. Dead Bug: Don’t get scared by the name because when you do this exercise to strengthen your abs and core, you do tend to look like a dead insect with your legs high up in the air. This exercise targets major core muscles including rectus abdominis, obliques, and transverse abdominis. It also improves your balance, prevent back pain, and improve posture.

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7. Lunges: Lunges is another highly underrated exercise that can strengthen abs and core muscles. Lunges is a functional exercise which helps burn belly fat along with shaping up your booty and legs. It also helps improve posture and balance.

8. Mountain climber: Although it is primarily a cardio exercise, there is no denying the fact that a set of mountain climbers is a total body work that also works on the ab muscles.  Here’s how you can do it correctly.

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9. Russian Twist: This exercise takes a bit of practice to master but once you do it religiously, you will see fast results. This exercise tones your abs and burns fat from the belly. You can do this exercise with or without weights, we suggest you start it without weights and then gradually add weights as you master the technique.

10. Elbow Plank and Side Plank: We have kept the best ab exercise for the last! Elbow plank and side plank are the most popular exercises if you want to get a flat tummy within a short period of time. Doing a side plank and elbow plank on a daily basis for just one minute each will ensure you have a strong ab without any jiggly fat. Along with targeting abdominal muscles and the core, plank exercises also boost metabolism and stamina, so there’s no reason why you should not be planking!

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So, if belly fat is your primary concern, a combination of all the above exercises will give you flat and washboard abs if you do them diligently.


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