10 Best Nanad Bhabhi Jodis of Bollywood

A relationship between a nanad and her bhabhi is really sweet and exudes warmth, love, sharing, caring and fun-filled gossips. After leaving her father’s home, when the bride makes her entry into her husband’s home, a nanad becomes one of the first persons she opens up to and bonds with. This beautiful jodi may not be related by blood but they form the bond of best friends-cum-sisters. Our gorgeous ladies in Bollywood are no exception to this rule!! In this post, we have jotted down a list of 10 Best Nanad Bhabhi Jodis of Bollywood who share a great bond with each other. Take a look:

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan and Soha Ali Khan: This gorgeous Nanad-Bhabhi Jodi tops our list as both of them belong to the Bollywood fraternity and share a great rapport with each other. They are more like sisters and really enjoy each other’s company. These two royal ladies from the Pataudi khaandan are often spotted vacationing together and attending polo matches. Soha Ali Khan is all praises for Kareena and she loves the way Kareena prioritizes her work and her family at the same time.

kareena and soha

2. Deepika Padukone and Ritika Bhavnani: The “DeepVeerKiShaadi” spread its magic all over Bollywood and the Deepika-Ranveer unison created an uproar with extravagant celebrations in 2018. Deepika Padukone who recently became a member of the Bhavnani family became really close to her nanad, Ritika Bhavnani who is Ranveer Singh’s elder sister. In fact, Ritika had thrown a gala reception party in Mumbai last year to celebrate happiness and welcome the newly-wed bride into their family. This nanad-bhabhi jodi looks very beautiful together and DP is really impressed by her nanad. She shares a great level of understanding with her and likes her a lot.

deepika ritika collage

3. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Shweta Nanda: Here comes another super-glamorous Nanad-Bhabhi Jodi from the first family of Bollywood. The present equation between the duo is not clear as media often reports cold vibes between the two on several public appearances. However, right after Aishwarya became the bahu of the Bachchan family, Shweta and Aish really became close to each other. They were spotted together at different events where they clicked pictures and remained engaged in gossiping with each other. Though, they never engage in too much public display of affection, these two ladies have always been supportive of each other’s decisions. Shweta confessed on ‘Koffee With Karan’ that she loves her bhabhi and is happy that Abhi and Aish are together. She also praised Aishwarya about her parenting skills and her super-efficient way of managing work and family life.

aishwarya collage

4. Sonakshi Sinha and Taruna Agarwal: Taruna Agarwal is the wife of Sonakshi’s elder brother Kushh who tied the knot in 2015. Sonakshi was super-excited for her brother’s wedding and even posted stunning pictures from the ceremony on instagram to celebrate the happiness. Both share a very close bond. Sonakshi lovingly calls Taruna as “Taru Taru.” The two Sinha ladies even keep posting cute pictures on Instagram and engage in a lot of PDA.

5. Rani Mukherji and Jyoti Mukherjee: Rani Mukherji is extremely family oriented. In fact, it is rumored that she got married late as she was busy carrying out her family responsibilities. Her bond with her Bhabhi, Jyoti is noteworthy. The two ladies are very much like besties and are often spotted together at events.

rani collage

6. Neetu Singh and Reema Jain: This jodi is the oldest in our list and also one of the iconic nanad-bhabhi jodis from none other than the influential Kapoor khaandan. Reema and Neetu Singh like each other a lot and often hang out together. They are mostly spotted together at various events, giggling and chit-chatting. Reema shares a great bond with her bhabhi Neetu and also shares the same birth date with her nephew, Ranbir! Adorable, right!! Neetu fondly calls her nanad “Bhoks.”

neetu collage

7. Twinkle Khanna and Alka Bhatia: These two ladies are one of the most important part of Akshay Kumar’s life and they share a great bonding with each other. Alka is often mentioned by Twinkle in her weekly blogs and columns and that shows how much they are into each other’s lives.

twinkle sister collage

8. Gauri Khan and Shehnaz: King Khan’s sister, Shehnaz Lalarukh is older than him by 6 years and the Khan family and lives with them. Shehnaz went into depression after their mother passed away. She is always very quiet and encloses herself in a cocoon. It was Gauri Khan who took the initiative to take care of Shehnaz like a baby so that she never felt alone.

gauri collage

9. Anushka Sharma and Bhawna Kohli Dhingra: Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma tied the knot in a dreamy destination wedding in Italy in 2017 and fans all over the world just went crazy with the gala celebrations. Anushka after entering the Kohli family has become an integral part, sharing close bonds with all family members, especially with her sister-in-law Bhawna Kohli Dhingra. Bhawna is Virat’s elder sister who is a school teacher by profession and very close to her brother. Anushka and Bhawna get along with each other really well. They are often spotted together and get clicked on various events.

anushka collage

10. Mira Rajput and Sanah Kapoor: Sanah Kapur is the half-sister of Shahid Kapoor’s father, Pankaj Kapur and his second wife, Supriya Pathak. Mira and Sanah are of the same age and share a great level of friendship. They have a sisterly bond who go shopping with each other, tease each other, share secrets and have fun together. Sanah once accepted in one of her interviews that she and Mira are very close to each other and Mira often gets irritated when she calls her ‘Bhabhi’. She even said that Mira is an amazing person by heart and is also extremely loving to the family.

mira collage

sister in laws

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