Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask Review

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

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We are planning a small adventurous picnic plan this weekend and I can’t wait to pack my stuff for divine jungle ride yay! Being a pahaadi gal I am well aware of jungles and wild stories (grew up listening to wild stories from my grandparents).



I am also here to share another gift gesture from IMBB today, a luscious and delicious lip treat from well known Bite beauty brand. Like any gal I also wonder what makes this particular lip mask priced almost double or triple of any ordinary lip treats! Does it make sense to invest nearly 26 bucks for an ordinary packaging and a small lip balm tube? And the answer is “yes”, it does make sense to try this overtly priced lip balm for that special ingredient which we all women especially new moms know very well i.e “Lanolin” apart from resveratrol (an anti-ageing anti-oxidant boost) and other beneficial ingredients plus its 99% naturally formulated. Lanolin or wool wax is basically a loose wax secreted by sebaceous glands of wool bearing animals.
Now, that we are well aware of its ingredients, so let’s read on further to explore more about bite beauty agave lip mask..


Price: $26 for 0.52 Oz (15 g), exclusive of shipping and taxes

Packaging: This thick honey yellow, sticky lip balm comes in a sturdy and opaque tube packaging nothing fancy. It seems quite ordinary at first sight sometimes reminds me of “boroline”. It has mild honey-vanilla flavor and smell which is way mild hence no worries. Over all quite ordinary yet user friendly and travel friendly packaging.


My Experience with Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask:

I can totally understand this product is quite thick and sticky in nature because of lanolin content which is very thick waxy like in nature but it does not feel irritating or heavy and so does this lip balm. I only need smallest tear drop size amount for my lips. At first sight the teeny tube might be misleading and discouraging against heavy price tag but be assured this teeny tube will last months or may be years, I have been using it religiously twice a day since 3-4 weeks and still the tube looks chubby and fine. This also implies that, it stays as long as 6-8 hours on my lips during day time with constant water/tea breaks as well as meals and I use it only twice once morning and secondly bedtime and I wake up with traces of lip balm and soft lips every morning. To my surprise I feel very well hydrated and nourished lips from morning till bedtime.


I agree that application is slight messy and I need to make use of my spare lip gloss wands or fingers to slather this balm on my lips. Moreover, I also feel slight tingling post application but it eventually subsides upon regular usage. I can see that it certainly take a week or days to show up actual benefits, at first it might feel like any ordinary balm who seem to give topical benefits and give temporary relief from dryness and cracked lips but once we are habitual of this lip mask we would definitely the difference. It is certainly a lip mask which coats our skin and locks in hydration and softness all day long.

My next concern is, we cannot top it with any lip color. It can be worn alone provided we are comfortable with bare lips else it would not be worn beneath any lip product. Once we stop using mask for a week or day our lips will eventually feel dry and flaky courtesy weird climatic conditions and our careless diet schedule as well. Hence I truly feel this lip mask is really good for treating excessive dry and flaky lips all year round and this is what makes it a keeper for people like me who always feel dry lips irrespective of the season around provided we should also check our water and nutritional food intake.

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

 A thick textured yet light on lips
 It does contain boost of lanolin
 It is also packed with anti-ageing anti-oxidants
 It certainly keeps dryness and cracked lips at bay all day long
 I use it just twice a day and feel pretty soft and luscious lips for good 6+ hours
 It is quite thick and sticky balm which simply adheres on my lips protecting them from further damage and dryness
 Even it does not fade off with tea/water intake
 It never gave me irritated skin in fact I feel quite healthy and soft skin
 A small tear drop mask works wonders on lips hence a small tube will last really longer
 It definitely does what it claims to do up to great extent to be honest

Cons of Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

• It does not seem to work on lip pigmentation
• It does not contain any sun protection spf
• Its application might be messy
• It is really thick and sticky
• Lanolin is known to cause irritations in some cases so please check if you are sensitive to lanolin

Well I feel it is certainly a choice if we are fine with extended budget then this balm seriously needs one try or else we have other good balms in market but let me tell you, this is my first preference over all other balms I used so far. I would certainly like to keep it forever, (just wish it could have been loaded with spf protection) On a serious note, for pigmented lips it is a skip unless you are looking for protective measures to cure your dry lips unlike lip pigmentation.

IMBB rating

For me it is certainly 4.5/5 whole heartedly!

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15 thoughts on “Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask Review

  1. I loved your review neetu. You have explained the key ingredient’s benefit so well. I definitely feel like trying this product . It sounds different and effective *puchhi*

    1. *thankyou* purva.. glad u liked it.. and yes lanolin is awesome product, i remember I used lansinoh a breast cream which contains 100% lanolin and it seriously eased my first breast feeding task. being a new mom I used lanolin everytime before and after feeding my newborn kid, its safe for newborns as well. N since then i use lanolin for baby care and my care as I knw its safe for me n my kid.. *haan ji* Lanolin is also found in carmex lip balm.. U knw lanolin act as skin hygiene agent also apart from protecting fur and wool of animals from severe climatic conditions, and its purely water proof. *woot* and hence whenever i read “lanolin” i immediatly pick that stuff.. *woot*

      1. Great knowledge you have.. I am so impressed and convinced.. Thanks to you I know of one more great ingredient . Now if i see this ingredient in a product i would not think twice before picking it up.. Thank you again .. Will be looking forward to your reviews *hifive*

        1. am glad it was of help.. *happydance* this will certainly motivate me to share lil info here & there once in a while.. *haan ji* yes and especially if u need caring stuff for cracked or dry skin u shud look for lanolin. Lanolin is not skin lightening stuff it wont lighten pigmentation but it will act as tough barrier and save skin from further damage.. *haan ji* It ws life saviour for me being a firt time mom, and encouraged me to breast feed my kid even after those sore and cracked skin. I will try to review that particular lansinoh breast cream too if possible.. *haan ji*

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