Outfit of The Day : Blue Dress

blue dress outfit

Here is the quick outfit of the day. πŸ™‚ How is the week coming along for everyone? πŸ™‚ I started on a little sad note. I fell ill but feeling better now. So I am all set to start my week.

Have a great day everyone. πŸ™‚

zara neon clutch

navy blue dress

snake print clutch

asos blue skater dress

christian louboutin pumps nude
Outfit :
Dress : Asos
Shoes : Christian Louboutin
Clutch : Zara
Ring / Earrings : Forever 21
Cuff : Aldo


80 thoughts on “Outfit of The Day : Blue Dress

  1. love the dress..the shoes, the ring..the hairstyle..you look like a diva! so loving your style and gosh you are looking at your best! pls do a post on your workout schedule and eating habits na

  2. aaaah pretty pretty. u look like a doll Rati.. this dress suits yu so much. everything is so perfectly matched. loved the look

  3. whoa…. the color looks fab on you! and I loved the second last piccy…:)
    btw, look at that guy in orange behind you in the last pi πŸ˜› staring at a diva!!

  4. Omg this dress is so pretty!! you look so beautiful in it.. your hairstyle, earrings, ring shoes all just go so well with it! πŸ˜€

  5. Johnny Bravo once said ‘I am so glamorous i sweat glitter’ …I can say the same about you! Gorgeous and chic! Loved the pose in your last pic πŸ™‚

  6. wow looking sooooooooooo gud. I wonder how your skin tone is perfect from head to toe. I have all the colours in my body starting from face to toe…. Do tell if u have some tips 4 me

  7. You look like such a lady! Beautiful look. That dress is gorgeous and your figure looks wonderful in it. Workout schedule going well, it seems. πŸ˜€ Hope you’re feeling better now.

  8. OMG…..you are looking so sexy :*…….you look amazing even when you are sick and running a high temperature…..yeh bahooottttt naaninsaafi hai………waaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. I love all the pics…..all are my favourite……the one where you have raised your arm……..jaanlewaaaaaaaaaaa :*:* and I miss the smilies so muchhhhhhhhhh

  10. Loved everything in this look…u look like a total diva :*…..btw i have a question for u..hope u dont mind….i am following this 1 month diet ..it has helped me a lot..so can i go back to my original routine ??

  11. The dress is complimenting your figure… Totally tailor made dress for your body types… Loved every bit of the look.. πŸ™‚

  12. Love the look, the sleek lines of the tailored dress, the matching accessories and the shoes.. πŸ™‚
    1 suggestion though: the hair style seems a bit too oldy for this sleek look.. a wavy shoulder length style or a retro look wud ve gone better IMHO..

  13. Btw, I am totally impressed by the person who got the idea of clicking the accessories. The angle and the way the photographer shot earrings, ring n bracelet is indeed creative. Was it you Rati or the hubby dear?

  14. My jaw literally dropped. The dress is so gorgeous, I love how beautifully it is tailored. Lovely earrings, and those loubs!

  15. Very pretty Rati!
    Did u get this dress custom made from ASOS or what? I mean the fit is incredible!
    You totally rocked it!!

  16. Rati di such a royal look! This colour accentuates your height beautifully! Just a little ammount of accesories and i think you can walk the cannes red carpet in this! Such a shame you are not invited there!

  17. the color is truly royal..you look perfect in it… loved your accessories too.. the ring, the bracelet….simply WOW!!!
    BTW, what were you doing in 3rd pic?? πŸ™‚

  18. OMG the dress..the hair..the shoe..you..super awesome. You look so fit and perfect. The dress is so complimenting you. And how did you do your hair so well? It looks just perfect. I can never get that.

  19. complimented you on Faux pas but here goes again. you look lovely in this dress. The fitting is so perfect. loved the A line shape of the dress. was thinking of that nice big blue bag you have which might have matched well but perhaps is not the correct style for this dress no? am still hunting ah btw. i tried Hidesign but no luck. I think I might find a big blue bag at one of those lifestyle/shopper stop type places. now that I think abt it baggit might have it too..ok let me stop the rambling and tell you i adore this look of yours. am thinking what occasions can one wear this for? a formal dinner party perhaps?

    1. aww thanks aruna. πŸ™‚ yeah formal dinner party or even during the day time with friends. πŸ™‚ yeah blue with blue bag would have also been nice. in that case i guess i would have gone for brighter shoes. πŸ™‚ oh you havent found a blue bag yet. πŸ™ There are two blue bags on hidesign atm . Check? http://hidesign.com/t/womens-handbags-ladies-wallets

      you up till late today. i had no power all day today so going through the posts now.. πŸ™

      1. ya was up but went to bed around 12. wasnt the greatest weekend. IMBB was such a breather really. cant thank you guys enuf.

  20. Wowww ur body looks grt in dis outfit… wht is ur fitness regime Rati?? Ur skin color is same all over ur body.. I hv fair legs.. neck n face medium n hands dusky coz of sun tan. Do u know any remedy to improve the skin color of hands?

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