My Body Shop and Inglot Haul (Kolkata)

My The Body Shop and ‘Inglot’ Haul

Hi everyone.  Did a bit of ‘hauling’ and wanted to show you.  As you know, The Body Shop has a sale going on till the end of August, so did some ‘body shopping’.  I have read on IMBB reviews about  the Sweet Lemon range, and TBS had only one piece left of Sweet Lemon Shower Gel, so picked that up at Rs. 325/- (less 10%).  Also, been reading on IMBB rave reviews about TBS Body Butters, so picked up my first one – Wild Cherry Body Butter at Rs. 745/- (less 10%).  I’ve been also reading on IMBB about TBS Body Polishes, so picked up my first The Body Shop Body PolishSatsuma Body Polish for Rs. 445/- (less 10%).  Got 2 packets of Organic Cotton Rounds for Rs. 245/- each (less 10%) and, finally, 2 Bath Lilies for around Rs. 130/- each (less 10%).  Couldn’t find the price label on the bath lilies.  Got a shea butter soap free!

Here’s the pic :

The Body SHop Haul
The Body Shop Haul

I was pleasantly surprised and also thrilled to say the least, to find an Inglot store at the new Forum Courtyard mall (basement) in Calcutta.  Just the other day I was thinking to myself, wish they had an Inglot store in Calcutta.  Guess it was indeed wishful thinking.  Couldn’t resist picking up a few things from here.  Got 2 lipsticks at Rs. 550/- each, an AMC blush for Rs. 750/- (it is supposed to be sweat-resistant and hydrophobic), 2 gel eyeliners at Rs. 680/- each, and a sanding board for the nails (which I was looking for, for a long time), for Rs. 100/-.  The lipsticks are pinkish-brown, I’m really off pinks at the moment.  In the bright lights at the store, they looked really nice and light, in a bright sort of a way, but now looking at them in my bedroom light, they’re looking a bit dull.  But I like them anyway.  Next time I buy lipsticks, I’m going to try and look at the swatches outside the store, to see them in less bright lights.  Here’s the pic :

Inglot Haul
Inglot Haul

A closer look :

Inglot Cosmetics
Inglot Cosmetics (Close Look)

The container to the right side of the blush is a pink gel eyeliner.  Looks like a cream blush, doesn’t it?  I’m wondering if I would be able to put it to dual use, as an eyeliner and also as a blush.  Anyone tried this?

Have a great weekend, everyone!


35 thoughts on “My Body Shop and Inglot Haul (Kolkata)

  1. Wow.. Awesome haul Sabrina!!!

    And hell yeah for the pink gel liner…
    I would use it more as a blush than liner… Great colour for a blush…

    1. It’s a gel eyeliner, Rati. Loved the unusual colour, but I’m going to try & use it as a blush as well….I wonder how that would work.

    1. Ok sure, will do the swatches ASAP, Poornima. They have lovely shades of gel eyeliner. They had this lovely teal matte colour gel eyeliner……I first asked for that, but they didn’t have the stock.

  2. Hey Sabrina!! R u a Kolkatan?? and thanks..coz you literally “discovered” the INGLOT store here!!! And ya..Nice Haul!! :yes:

  3. Yes I am, Anuradha. Just came across the Inglot store by pure chance. I was amazed and taken aback, yet so thrilled!!

  4. Lovely Haul Sabrina, especially since Mumbaikars are still waiting for Inglot 🙂

    Gaea, dont be surprised if Inglot reaches Pune before Mumbai :D, btw there is Colourbar in Pune (Bourjois should be there too)?, Check with Neha, shes our resident Colourbar queen 🙂

  5. hey sabrina..inglot gel liners are pretty dry..i dont think u can use the pink one as a blush without getting streaks…..but yes do post a pic with thepinl liner on ur lids….

  6. Hi sabrina,

    Awesome haul. Amn also from Kolkata. Did you get TBS products from South City Mall or Forum? Am planning to visit TBS soon as I have plans to shop for some bath products for my wedding. What are your suggestions?

    Waiting for your reply..
    Love 🙂

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