Bollywood Actresses Bad Makeup Pics

5.  Juhi Chawla:  An old pic of hers with very bad makeup.

Bollywood Actresses Bad Makeup Pics

6.  Gauri Khan:  She is not a bollywood actress, but had to list her in.  That lip color is horrendous and the face looks so oily, it needs heavy blotting.

Bollywood Actresses Bad Makeup Pics

7.  Aishwarya Rai:  From one of her Cannes appearance, her makeup looks OTT.  She had worn a fuchsia gown, at least her makeup should have been subtle.

Bollywood Actresses Bad Makeup Pics

8.  Amisha Patel:  Blotchy foundation application gives her a cakey look, the lip color is pretty though.

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Bollywood Actresses Bad Makeup Pics


20 thoughts on “Bollywood Actresses Bad Makeup Pics

  1. *powder* Omigodd!! I didnt recognise juhi chawala …thank god mention her name 😀
    Looks like Her make up artiste influenced by rekha’s make up *hihi*

    1. U r right..i also did not recognize Juhi Chawala. *headbang* ..she is looking similar like Rekha.. *scared* really bad makeup… *spank*

  2. aish still looks acceptable. Ghauri khan *headbang* kangna 😀 😀 Deepika k sath lipstick and base dono ka masla hay 😛
    the winner of worst make-up is bebo *ghost*

  3. OMG rofl rofl rofl rofl The worst makeup here is definitely Sonam rofl she has such a pretty face, pata nahi aise makeup karke kyun kharaab kar dete hain rofl second will be Gauri Khan *silence* waise she is always in these shiny appearances rofl and Aishwarya still looks forgiving 😛 haahahaha looove the compilation Jomool rofl

  4. Oh my God. Sonam, Juhi, kareena and Gauri definitely top the list. Gauri’s eyebrows and lipstick.. ugh..such an eyesore… rofl rofl rofl

  5. I think Deepika thought it was a good idea to use her metallic finish highlighter as her foundation *ghost* *ghost*

  6. rofl rofl rofl . great jomol! but i think we can forgive bebo for looking over the top here. She looks as if she has just had a stage performance in some award night. that might explain the glittery odd clothes.

  7. Hey jomol,
    It was quite a fun post…a unique and different compilation of bollywood divas at their worst…
    And thanx for mentioning juhi’s name in the post…I would never have guessed it right… rofl rofl

  8. For me sridevi and aish is still looking good.. in case of deepika, it’s the base makeup. And thank god I m not the only one not to recognize juhi. The rest of all are horrible. I would have done better with their pretty faces.

  9. FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY could be a reason for sridevi, amisha and deepika. Kareena’s makeup is okay, its the hair color and clothes thats spoiling it.

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