Bollywood Actresses – Then and Now

5.  Alia Bhatt:  Cute now or cute then?

Bollywood Actresses Then and Now

6.  Anushka Sharma:  Ugh….that lip job ruined it for her.

Bollywood Actresses Then and Now

7.  Kajol:  What a transformation!

Bollywood Actresses Then and Now

8.  Kangana Ranaut:  Love those curls on her.

Bollywood Actresses Then and Now


23 thoughts on “Bollywood Actresses – Then and Now

  1. I love Kareena now! She has transformed into a true fashionista! Sonakshi is also really good now. And you picked a wrong pic of Aishwarya in the ‘Then’. *hihi* I feel she was she was very gorgeous earlier than she is now.

    1. Tanvi….I can’t get over how gorgeous Aishwarya Rai looked in her 2014 Cannes appearance……for me, its Aishwarya Rai’s now look that’s my fav *woot*

  2. Priyanka’s weird lips and her eye brows!!! Make-up artists have transformed her so much that she deserves to be featured for before- and after “Fair and Lovely” ad seriously rofl rofl
    Sonam’s and aishwarya’s transformations are so amazing!! *jai ho* *jai ho*
    Fatrina to katrina is the most beautiful change. *happy dance*
    The one and only bad after pic is that of Anushka….she was soooo damn pretty earlier……i feel like *smack* *smack* *spank* her for that unnecessary lip job! *ghost* *ghost*

  3. I think Rani and Aishwarya are the only ones who have not changed drastically..just graced with time 🙂 superb post 😀

    1. Thanks Jyoti…. *hihi* hats off to their cosmetic surgeons, especially the one who did that botched up lip surgery on Anushka *hihi*

  4. Priyanka will run away on seeing her before picture!!!!!! she looks so bad *ghost*
    her eyebrows were so thin….i want to change my eyebrows as well 😛

    look at katrina!!! she looks so pretty and Kareena- OMG, she looks so gorgeouos now, how can she be tranformed so beautifuly. *woot* *woot*

  5. Kajol was the perfect dusky beauty but now she looks a bit too Michael Jacksonish with all that skin whitening. Deepika hasn’t changed a bit, just the dress is weird in the earlier pic. The big question is why did Anushka ruin her face with that horrible lipjob!?

  6. OMG! I can seriously make a good laugh on Deepika and Rani Mukherjee! I am wondering which shampoo, she started using for this transformation.. If you get to know, please post in the next remaining article 🙂

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