Calvin Klein Down Town Shower Gel Review

Calvin Klein Down Town Shower Gel Review

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Today, I will be reviewing the most incredible item I have ever purchased for body. I see a lot of people including me who do not take much care of their body as much as they would care for their facial skin. We apply brightening moisturizers, make up, serums, sunscreen, facial mists, treatments and the list goes on.  Moreover, we splurge more on products related to face than body. Isn’t that true? Or am I the only person who does that? Okay, anyhow let me tell you how I came across this product. I went to the Calvin Klein outlet to buy some t-shirts, which I really liked from their latest collection. So, I stepped into the store and looked for tops.  I found what I wanted and when I was ready to checkout, one of the sales employees gave me a perfume sample and I really liked it – it was the Down Town perfume by CK.  I wasn’t in a mood to buy the perfume at that time.  This happened a long time ago, but after a few days, I wanted a perfume and Down Town came to my mind and I browsed through their website and everywhere else to get a better price. So while browsing, I found their Down Town collection, which also includes shower gel, and I ended up buying the shower gel as well.

Calvin Klein Down Town Shower Gel

My Skin Type:  Dry.


$38/ 6.7 FL.OZ OR 200 ml.

Calvin Klein Down Town Shower Gel

Product Description:

  • The new “Down Town” Calvin Klein body wash is edgy and sophisticated. It has the confident and feminine feel you’re looking for.
  • Perfect mix of a floral woody fragrance including Tunisian neroli blends, soft gardenia petals, and the signature scent of Texan cedarwood.
  • Top Notes: Italian lemon, bergamot, Tunisian neroli, green pear and aquatic plum.
  • Middle Notes: gentle gardenia petals combined with pink pepper and violet leaves.
  • Base Notes: cedar from Texas, incense, vetiver and velvety musk.

Calvin Klein Down Town Shower Gel

My Experience with Calvin Klein Down Town Shower Gel:

I do not spend much time pampering my body because I don’t have much time to take care of it along with my face. So, I take shower with organic soaps and apply body lotion and that’s it.  But recently I realized that the skin on my body is getting terrible with each passing day, so I decided to show some respect.  Do you remember the quote, “Better clean for a better skin.” Yes, that’s what I thought.  We have to make sure whatever products we use on our skin performs well and leaves our skin “clean” and healthy.

Calvin Klein Down Town Shower Gel

So my first step was to look for a good shower gel.  Its texture is smooth and runny.  It gives a lot of lather with water and is easy to spread on the body.  It has very calming smell. The minute I step out of the shower, I feel refreshed.  This shower gel leaves my skin soft.  The scent lingers on my skin for 2-3 hours which is surprising and also the fragrance stays in the bathroom for a very long time.  Ah!!! I like the scent so much! The best part, my skin looks super clean : ) yay!

Calvin Klein Down Town Shower Gel

Pros of Calvin Klein Down Town Shower Gel:

  • Lathers well.
  • Leaves skin clean.
  • Very refreshing.
  • Soothes and hydrates skin.
  • Calming scent.

Calvin Klein Down Town Shower Gel

Cons of Calvin Klein Down Town Shower Gel:

  • Rare to find, you can get it from CK stores.
  • Expensive.

IMBB Rating:


I would recommend this product and I will buy it for me again.  That would be all for today. See you soon with one more product review.

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