How Can Jeera Water Help You Lose Weight?

Jeera or cumin that comes from the plant “Cuminum cyminum” is one of the most popular spices used not only in Indian cooking, but the world over to add flavour to various dishes. People in South Asia and particularly in India, one cannot imagine a kitchen that doesn’t shelf cumin or jeera. Jeera, of late, has been in the limelight and gained immense popularity as an ingredient that helps to shed unwanted weight. It is now somewhat of a “celebrity” among all spices. Small wonder that the ancients in India have been celebrating Jeera in the Ayurveda, since time immemorial. And why should it not be celebrated. Cumin in water or more popularly jeera water has incredible effect on weight loss and such has been established by various studies conducted. So, today, we shall try to answer this question, “how can jeera water help you lose weight?”

What is Jeera Water?
Jeera water is a solution obtained from soaking cumin overnight in plain overnight. In the morning, you would get an earthy, yellow-colored liquid when jeera releases nutrients into the water and swells up in return.

How does Jeera Water help in Weight Loss?

  • Detoxifying qualities: Jeera water has, amongst other qualities, detoxifying effect that flushes out toxins that might otherwise cause inflammation and weight gain. Jeera water has anti-oxidant properties that helps to manage oxidative stress in the body. Additionally, the anti-oxidative properties of cumin/ jeera water guarantee the scavenging of harmful free radicals from the human system.
  • Effects on digestion: Jeera water is quite effective in improving digestion. As a matter of fact, cumin contains a compound called “thymol” that stimulates the secretion from our gastric glands that obviously improves our overall digestion significantly.
  • Boost of metabolism: Our metabolism improves significantly if we develop the good habit of drinking jeera water on a regular basis. As a result, it accelerates the burning of fat and thereby contributing to losing unwanted weight. So that is an incredible bonus.
  • Effects on our appetite: Drinking jeera water helps reduce our cravings for food. As it brings our appetite in check, jeera water in a way, guarantees that we do not increase our body weight by consuming more food. So that’s an added bonus.
  • Improves  hydration: As we all have to come to acknowledge that keeping ourselves optimally hydrated is kind of a prerequisite to lose unwanted body weight. As such, jeera water comes highly recommended as it not only keeps us hydrated but also helps in improving bowel movements and as it has already been mentioned once, flushes out toxins from the body.
  • Regulates cholesterol levels: Yes it does. Jeera water has shown signs of reducing LDL or bad Cholesterol that keeps deadly cardiovascular diseases at bay.

weight with jeera

Additional Benefits of Drinking Jeera Water:
Cumin water or jeera water has also shown positive results in reducing blood glucose that guarantees increasing insulin sensitivity that thereby ensures that we do not suffer from diseases such as type 2 diabetes, PCOS and infertility.

So, from the aforementioned points, it is quite clear that jeera water does help in reducing unwanted body weight.

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