Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Super Cindy and Kidman’s Kiss Luminous Modern-Matte Lipstick Review

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I am reviewing two Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks from my collection in this post. They are part of the 16 Hot Lips lipsticks that she made in collaboration with her favourite celebrities. The two lipsticks that I am reviewing today are “Kidman’s Kiss” named after Nicole Kidman and “Super Cindy,” which is named after Cindy Crawford. Both the the lipsticks are a part of the Matte Revolution lipstick range from Charlotte Tilbury. These shades (Secret Salma, Hel’s Bell, Liv It Up, Kim KW, Very Victoria, Carina’s Love, and more) have been reviewed on IMBB from the CT “Hot Lips” range.


Product Description:
Darlings, I always say lipstick empowers confidence – it’s happiness in a tube! My beautiful NEW HOT LIPS collection has been created in collaboration with 12 incredible, brilliant, hypnotizing women! Featuring my revolutionary, iconic square-angled tip that is designed to mimic a lip brush, as well as my CEW award-winning formula enriched with Orchid Extract, and voluminizing 3D pigments for cashmere-soft lips that look lit from within. As a fellow redhead, Nicole has always been an inspiration of mine. This just-kissed rose petal-pink is so dreamy, it’s reminiscent of the flourish of color on the lips in hand-painted photographs in the 1930s. Perfect for pale complexions and the perfect addition to the elegant UPTOWN GIRL look!
USD 32/INR 2100 approximately.


My Experience with Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Super Cindy and Kidman’s Kiss Luminous Modern-Matte Lipstick:

Super Cindy:


It is a warm, neutral rosy-brown lipstick. It is such a beautiful lip color. You can wear such a shade on an everyday basis
and I like how it adds a little color to the skin and balances out the complexion. It is a great color if you want to use it as a contour
color for your lips in combination with a darker brown lipstick. I
find it such an easy to shade to pull off. It’s like a “no-brainer” to pair it with all kinds of eye makeup and lovely peach-toned blush shades. A definite favourite of mine from Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks.

Kidman’s Kiss:


It is a matte warm n*de coral pink lipstick. It is more
suited for those with light-to-medium skin tones. On my skin, I feel it does wash me out if I wear it on its own. It definitely has to be
balanced with a bolder eye if you have a skin tone such as mine.

The formula of these lipsticks is insanely gorgeous. They feel so soft and comfortable on the lips. The texture is powdery matte and it is extremely comfortable on the lips. They feel light, don’t cling on to the dry patches and smell like warm hot chocolate. 😛 Both the lipsticks neither feather or smudge and transfer very little. The staying power is medium, about 4-4.5 hours. They are not the most long-lasting lipsticks but they are your classic lipsticks with a modern formula. They feel nothing on lips and despite being matte, they don’t accentuate the fine lines of the lips. Both the colors are such wearable shades depending on your skin tone. I mean when you have them, you tend to reach for them so much. Because you know how simple things can be so good sometimes, you don’t feel the need for anything fancy and that’s how these lipsticks are. They feel comforting and you know it is hard to go wrong with them.


These are definitely on top of my favorite lipstick charts. These have a very different formula in my massive lipstick collection range and I absolutely adore them, They are also very pigmented. I’d say one swipe gives 80% color pay off and with 2-3 swipes you can make them look fully opaque. They don’t get cakey on application.



Charlotte Tilbury has really put thought in launching her makeup line. It is really classy. I love the rose gold packaging too. I just wish the ends of the lipsticks were coloured. Since I have so many of them, I often have to open my lipsticks to pull the shade I want to use on a particular day, but other than that, definitely get your hands on these lipsticks whenever you get a chance too.

IMBB Rating:

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Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Secret Salma Luminous Modern-Matte Lipstick


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