Is Coconut Water Good For Weight Loss?

No one needs to tell you how healthy coconut water is, right? But do you know it’s the best post-workout drink with rich electrolytes like potassium and magnesium that can replenish lost fluids during an intense workout and re-energize your body in just a few minutes. Aerated beverages and other sugary drinks can make you pile on calories and leave you feeling hungry. If you are seeking an alternative, coconut water is a great substitute. We all know coconut water can do wonders for the body, but above all, it can help boost weight loss efforts. Celebs who strictly watch their diet and count calories swear by the effectiveness of coconut water to keep their weight in check because not only does it help balance electrolytes in the body, this natural elixir is packed with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that boost metabolism. If you are wondering about how exactly coconut water can boost your weight loss efforts, read on:

Coconut Water Good For Weight Loss

1. A Low-Calorie Drink Rich in Minerals: It contains more potassium (300mg in a cup) than a banana, which is another rich source of this nutrient. Potassium is an excellent electrolyte that helps in the muscle building and strengthening process. You must have heard that muscles burn more calories compared to the fat, and coconut water helps build lean muscle. It is a low-calorie drink and helps lower blood cholesterol and increase your metabolic rate, resulting in lesser fat accumulation. The already stored fat gets used up as an energy source, so all you are left with is muscle.

2. Strengthens Gut, Boosts Immunity: Coconut water contains lauric acid which helps in strengthening immunity, also kickstarts metabolism. Also read: “How To Lose Weight on a Tight Budget.”

3. It has Dietary Fiber: Coconut water has a good amount of fibre in it, around 1.1 gm per 100 gm, which makes you feel fuller and also curbs appetite. Fiber content slows down absorption of food through the digestive system. This, in turn, helps to maintain the blood sugar level. At the same time, the fibre in coconut water helps in preventing food cravings, and sugar spikes as well. Also read: “12 Handy Tips To Add More Fiber to Diet for Weight Loss.”

4. Boosts Metabolism: It is no secret that a good metabolism is the secret to burning more calories and losing weight. Regular consumption of coconut water improves metabolism and facilitates weight loss. One of the crucial things required for the proper utilisation of carbohydrates and fats is manganese. This is why coconut water, a good source of manganese, helps improve metabolism.

5. Tackles Dehydration: When you are trying to lose weight, you are probably spending the time in the gym or the park. Since physical activities lead to sweating, it is important to rehydrate your body for proper functioning of metabolic activities. Therefore coconut water is a less caloric and healthy alternative to a sports drink; it can be safely consumed after a workout.

6. Packed with Vitamins and Minerals: Coconut water is rich in nutrients and is better than taking supplements. It contains Potassium, Glucose, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Potassium helps to lower arterial blood pressure. Vitamin C protects us from various health ailments, boosts immunity.

7. Has Bio-Active Enzymes That Help with Digestion: Coconut water has enzymes like catalase, folic acid, peroxidase, phosphatase, dehydrogenase, RNA polymerases, and diastase and so on. These all enzymes play an important role in easy digestion. And therefore, during your weight loss journey, it helps digest whatever you consume on your cheat days.

8. Reduces Bloating: Not only do you want to lose weight, you want to look and feel thin as well. One thing that can mar your confidence is – bloating! To fight the bloat – sip on a glass of coconut water.

9. Helps the Body Absorb Fat-Soluble Vitamins: Vitamins like D, E, and K are extremely important in the fat-burning process, especially vitamin D whose deficiency has been linked to obesity and belly fat. Coconut water helps the body absorb these essential vitamins, and helps boost your weight loss efforts.

10. Keeps Appetite in Check: Along with dietary fiber, coconut water also has protein, which is a major appetite suppressant that helps consume fewer calories. It does not get digested by your body, so it stays in your system longer and keeps you feeling full. This is why you get hungry less often, and eat less. You can get up to 2 gm of protein from a cup of coconut water.

Summing up, there’s no reason why you should include coconut water in your daily routine. If losing weight is on your mind, try the Rati Beauty diet to lose extra kilos and inches off from the waist as well. Download the Rati Beauty app for more details.

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