Coral Skirt, Animal Print Top

coral skirt outfit

Hi everyone.:)

A lot of you ask me about my fitness routine. Actually my only fitness routine is that I run atleast 3-4 times a week. I started running a few months back only. Initially, I used to do brisk walking because running used to give me sore back and I ended up with knee injury twice. πŸ™ So if you have to lose a lot of weight my only advice would be that you start slow and keep moving ahead. You’d eventually reach your goal if you don’t stop. πŸ™‚

And this is my outfit of the day. I paired a coral crochet skater skirt with an animal print top and finished off the look with a black blazer. Rest everything is minimal – an understated bag & shoes, minimal accessories.

Have a great evening everyone. πŸ™‚

zara blazer

hidesign whitebag

rati beauty ad

coral skirt street style

white croc bag

Outfit :
Skirt : Asos
Shoes : Woodland
Bag: Hidesign
Jacket : zara
Top : Mango
Neckpiece : Pieces
Bracelets : Aldo, Accessorize


104 thoughts on “Coral Skirt, Animal Print Top

  1. awww….adorable πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ and wow… u run regularly… (y) that’s so nice! I try to work out at home…but eventually laziness prevails πŸ™ πŸ™

  2. The bag! OMG the bag *lusts* πŸ˜€
    Love the animal print and oh-my-god the coral skirt! πŸ™‚
    *whistles* a DIVA in the truest sense!! <3

  3. Oh my my…..picture perfect……….you manage to look like a diva each time.:* :*…..muaaaaaaahh…..and I could kill you to get that hair…..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee give me some of your oomph :*

  4. and adding for the 14878957588th time, I love to see you in skirts and chotu dresses….I think you look the most adorable in them :*

    1. Cent Percent agreed with Jomo on this. I also love seeing you in dresses and whenever I see you in these well fitting, awesome dresses.. I get sooo inspired to lose more weight and I dream of wearing the dresses I used to wear once upon a time.

      Love.. love.. love..

        1. Jomoooooo…. me doings goods.. kal hi Port Blair se vapas aayi hoon after a 2 day trip.. and I gained 1 Kg.. πŸ™ I ate out.. na esiliye.. πŸ™

          You tells.. hoz lifes..? aajkal i love talkings like thissss… πŸ˜‰

  5. I keep coming back just for your LOTD πŸ˜€ You look gorgeous always. I try getting onto the elliptical trainer 3 times a week but ultimately my laziness wins :'(

  6. OMG RATI di cute is the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first 2 piccys …………… a hundred puchi to you! And as always superbly co ordinated, simple yet classy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And your hair did you get a new cut or something! It is looking fab!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. loveeeee the second pic…..loveeeeee it :* and running has really toned u up amazingly! keep it up! you are our inspiration!

  8. Firstly congrats on your weight. I am sure it was after loads of effort and perseverance. So great job!!. Thanks for the wonderful tips. You do look like a doll.

      1. Thank you aruna. I started working on my weight loss last september. Been a slow ride but I feel great where I am now. ) And no problem. mwwwaaaah!!! πŸ™‚

  9. i have always been a big fan of hi design bags and the one which u r carrying is no exception…..wish i cud steal the skirt n the bag from ur look πŸ™‚ n rati, is it only Loccitane which is doing these wonders to ur hair? They look exceptionally good……

  10. Oh my my! That look is gorgeous beyond words! That skirt? It’s tooooo cute! Loved how you paired the leopard with coral! <3
    And I must say that the pics have come out real good! The 2nd pic is full-on totta! πŸ˜‰

  11. ;* ;* a hundred thousand puchhissss to you..was caught up with work since past few days.. and I am so gladddd to see the OOTD now….yayyyy!!!!

    loved the whole outfit the leopard print top is to die for… I have been hunting for a similar top/blouse or some light material leopard print button up shirt.. I have been dying to get one
    πŸ™ πŸ™

    1. Thanks dipti. Check out mango or zara. Since winters are approaching, you’d have tons of animal prints to check out. :))

      and good to see you back. πŸ™‚

  12. I like this look of ur’s Rati..the minimal accessories..
    and weight management..I do brisk walking+5 mins running on the threadmill, 4-5 times a week..but I see very slow results.. πŸ™
    prob i shud run a little extra..
    how long do u run Rati ?

      1. I do 15- 20 mins on threadmill..for 4-5 times a week..
        I split my threadmill workout as 5 mins running(fast running) and 5 mins brisk walking and 5 mins on inclination..when I take icecreams or milk shakes i run a little more extra πŸ˜‰
        and then 10-15 mins on the stepper..and then abs/floor exercises.
        I wrkout in my office i cannot devote more time in gym..max i spend 1 hr 15 mins πŸ™‚
        I’m trying to reduce my post maternity weight..I find it very tough πŸ™

        Gud Luck to you Jomo πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        1. Wow….you have a gym at office……that’s so cool. Commendable that you are spending 1.5 hours in gym….wish I could…..can go as far as the treadmill only πŸ™

              1. C i do all sorts of floor exercises and aerobics.. πŸ™‚
                i stayed away from gym for the first 4 months and den gradually i started

                1. Rati inspired me to walk daily….I was doing that regularly……went to trip and lost touch…now I have to begin again πŸ™‚

              2. 1.5 hours in a gym is pretty awesome rama. Actually I run as long as i can and if at all I feel any pain in my knee i start walking and i walk for a long stretch.

                Why dont you consult your work out with the trainers at your gym? I feel they are the best people to guide you. Isn’t it? :))

                1. yeah Rama…that’s right, Rati told me about tears that would result with excessive walking on treadmill πŸ™ sounds scary….

                2. Gym trainer..hmmm..der is a trainer..but I’ve no clue who he is and how he looks like πŸ˜‰
                  so i follow watever my old trainer had taught πŸ™‚

                  1. i have spent days at a physiotherapist. Not funny. πŸ™ so now I am careful and that is why i sort of dont suggest running to everyone. I guess one has to figure out on their own . Different things work for different people. πŸ™‚

                    Good luck with your fitness rama. And keep updating! πŸ™‚

                    1. Hey Rama I do excersie cycle and it has helped! I agree with Rati di, our calf muscles have to tighten up before they become taut! So before strenous excersie we need to tighten them up by loose excercise one which dont strain the muscles too much! I did cycle for a month reduced a little weight from my legs and now i am doing both cycling for 30 min and running 30 min ! Once my legs are fit enough planning to add a 5 min sprint in the end! it will tone up the whole body!

                      Anxd regularity is the key! Best way is bring back your old ans s*xy clothes back into your wardrobe and threaten hubby that you are going to wear them to work! He will make sure you shed those extra weight before wearing them!!!! he he he worked for me!

  13. You have such a knack for pulling disparate thing together and creating a very cohesive look. I would neevr have thought of mixing coral and animal print together! You are really talented..and needless to say, looking good too.

    1. Thanks shai. Actually I pair animal prints with just everything. It looks really nice with pinks and oranges as well. Thanks. :))

      Thanks devi. πŸ™‚

  14. animal print top is awesome…blazer… i m also soon going to get it….its so well fitted..
    Rati ur first pic is really like a heroine types….

  15. Rati, U look great. I commented on Faux pas but couldnt resist here as well πŸ™‚
    its awesome that u run everyday.. I am not much of a runner at all, am lazy to run. πŸ™ I just do a ten min run to warm up.. My cardio is usually Zumba once or twice a week. I love Suryanamaskars, weight training n functional training… love working out!!

    1. sorry missed out on reading your comment. Thanks a ton. πŸ™‚ actually running gives me that adrenaline rush and i love it. πŸ˜€ nidhi is totally tempting me with zumba. I hope to join it. :)) good going girl! πŸ™‚

  16. You are looking so awesome! I was eyeing that skirt or a similar one I think on ASOS, but then considering my earlier experience with them, decided against it πŸ™
    Love that top, and checked out Zara this weekend, they have some awesome animal print stuff, did you see?

  17. Thanks sakhi. :))

    aarbee, actually with ASOS you have to “cross your fingers and just shop” :p

    oh i havent bene to zara since many days now. I just reme one animal print coat they have but I guess it’s too early to pick up at the moment. but you share if you find something interesting at zara! πŸ™‚

  18. i m in love wid the fourth pic..its so gud that it could have been a fashion magazine cover :
    Love the look…your skirt is beautiful πŸ™‚

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