Creed Aventus for Her Perfume Review

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Creed Aventus is the best-selling perfume from the house of Creed and when I got to know they were coming out with a feminine version of the very popular perfume, I was all over it! And finally, I got my hands on it 😛 A few days ago, I had reviewed Creed Royal Oud EDP from the same brand here.

Creed Aventus for Her Perfume Review

Product Description:
Aventus for Her marks the irresistible feminine counterpart to the legendary Aventus. Nearly three years in the making, this olfactory celebration of strong women was highly anticipated before its triumphant unveiling by The House of Creed. Aventus for Her is inspired by some of history’s most powerful women—empresses, queens, and heads of state, who were Creed clients—as well as modern women everywhere who confidently shatter glass ceilings. The Aventus for Her sprit lives in every woman; she is poised with inner strength and radiance, and leaves an indelible mark on all she touches. To be near her is to feel the presence of greatness.

Creed Aventus for Her Perfume label

Top notes: Egyptian green apple, pink berries, Indonesian patchouli, Italian bergamot
Middle notes: Bulgarian and Turkish roses, Indian sandalwood, styrax, musk
Base notes: Sweet peach, cassis, lilac, amber, ylang ylang.

My Experience with Creed Aventus for Her Perfume:

Creed Adventus comes housed in a glass bottle with white and gold detailing. The Creed logo is engraved on top of the stopper. The name of the brand and perfume is printed on the front of the bottle and the rest of the details are printed at the back.

Creed Aventus for Her Perfume details

I am so in love with this fragrance – this is perfect for any time of the year, whether it be spring, summer, fall or winter. Although using it in summers would be highly recommended – this is just absolute perfection. This fragrance starts off with a blast of fruity fresh scent, it’s slightly citrusy also. A few hours later, the floral notes of the fragrance start to slip in and it smells more floral than fruity at this point of time. As the base notes start to show up, it converts into a beautiful powdery, woody scent. It’s definitely strong, but it’s also subtle at the same time.

Creed Aventus for Her Perfume bottle

It’s only been a month that I have had this, but I haven’t stopped using it since then. Every time I have had this on, I have received so many compliments from people around of how wonderful I smell 😛

The lasting power of “Aventus” is incredible, I sprayed this on in the morning and this lasted the whole day on me and I could smell it till I had taken shower the next day. It just lingers on and on! The lasting time of more than 12 hours of this perfume is impressive as it is difficult to find such a subtle fragrance lasting for such a long time.

Creed Aventus for Her Perfume cap

I think this perfume would be loved by everyone since it is sweet, warm, fruity, floral, woody – all in one and is a perfect all-year-round fragrance. This perfume is more of a complex fragrance and would appeal to people of all age groups.

This fragrance doesn’t stain any of my clothes and lasts on it till I get them washed. Creed Adventus has a very strong sillage for the initial first 4 hours (getting milder in every two hours or so), and starts mellowing to a very subtle fragrance after 8 hours. People sitting around me in a room can definitely feel its presence (and appreciate it!). This fragrance is just incredible!

Creed Aventus for Her Perfume full

This perfume rightly deserves to be your signature perfume if you are a working professional, as it will live up to your expectations of a long-lasting and lingering perfume and has a touch of sophistication at the same time. So for age groups of 20-40 years, it would be more appealing. Also, the added benefit of suiting both day and night time makes it a perfect choice for regular days and even when you are traveling.

Creed Aventus

To sum up, I absolutely love this perfume and think it’s worth the high price tag.

Pros of Creed Aventus for Her Perfume:

  • Beautiful packaging.
  • Stunning fragrance.
  • Will appeal to all age groups.
  • Suitable for office wear.
  • Sillage of the fragrance is very strong for the initial first 4 hours.
  • Lasts impressively for a long time, as long as 12 hours.
  • Can be worn, both day and night time.
  • Perfect for every time of the year.
  • A complex perfume.

Cons of Creed Aventus for Her Perfume:

  • A little expensive for regular use.
  • Not travel friendly, you need to be extremely careful when you are traveling.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Creed Aventus for Her Perfume?
IMBB Rating:

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