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Can you believe it’s already July? I was just celebrating my New year’s eve. 😐
Here’s my Currently Loving list for this week. Do let me know your favs from last week in comments below. 🙂

Bobbi Brown Camel Eyeshadow :
honestly, I am obsessed with all things mustard these days. I have already bought two Mustard dresses and then I literally went for a perfect mustard eyeshadow hunting. I am doing a mustard makeup look for you guys already in coming week. I need help. 😛 This one is an exact dupe of MAC Uninterrupted eyeshadow. I could not find that so I bought this. 🙂

Sensodyne Rapid Relief : This is so random but this has been such a help this past week when my tooth sensitivity literally soared. I thought I’d tell you guys. It might help some of you. this one rocks!

Bobbi Brown Cleansing Milk : Already writing review for this one. But it is one of the best cleansing milks I have used till date. 🙂 Soo soo good!

Dior Sugar Lip Scrub : I thought I had lost it until I found it in one of my bags this past week. I had forgotten how much I loved it. Back to being obsessed. 🙂

Lip Palettes : I know some of you absolutely hate me for literally crushing my lipsticks and putting them in the palette but I am obsessed. hihih it’s funny how personal lipstick it to people. I get it but i do what I have to do. 🙂
Happy Sunday y’ll . lobeeeyouuu. :-*


7 thoughts on “Currently Loving

  1. The Dior lip sugar scrub, I cannot tell how obsessed i too am with it! <3 Crushing lipsticks? Hahaha i'll never be able to do it even though they're not usable 😀

  2. I swear even I can’t believe it’s July already… It’s like jus now I celebrated new years eve and now it’s July… Anyway currently m loving her Just Herbs Kimsudi oil… And mac pink pigeon…

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