Which Dance is Best for Weight Loss?

Bored with gyming, running and cardio? Looking for some change? Well, you can lose weight and yet enjoy the journey! Yes, if you love dancing, you can dance and fit in the dress of your dreams and shed those pounds! Even health experts have agreed that dancing is a form of exercise that can trigger weight loss and improve overall physical fitness. Since there are so many dance forms, here we tell you which dance is best for weight loss.

1. Zumba:

Zumba is a form of dance which merges with aerobic movements. It is performed with energetic music thereby giving you a perfect high-intensity cardio workout. The choreography incorporates salsa, hip-hop, samba, soca, merengue and mambo. Don’t worry, even squats and lunges are also added in this dance workout that targets the lower body and tones and strengthens it. Zumba classes are usually offered by fitness clubs and gyms across the country with an aim to make people enjoy and smile while working out. This form of aerobic workout is great for overall fitness. For best results, it is advised to follow Zumba workout for least 3-4 days a week.

2. Hip-Hop:

Hip-hop style of dance refers to street dance. This form of dance is performed along with hip-hop music. Hip-hop dance includes a wide range of styles like breaking, locking, and popping. This dance targets the entire body and it requires a high level of energy. The name “Hip-Hop” is given to this dance form because of the fact that it takes place mostly in hips and waist area which also helps to firm and tone your abs. Dancing while watching a YouTube video or at a fitness club for at least an hour will allow you to burn somewhere around 300-400 calories.

3. Indian Classical Dance:

Dance forms like Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi and Kuchipudi can burn a large number of calories and stimulates mental health. Most dance forms help to build cardiovascular endurance which further improves the longevity of heart and lungs but classical dance is good at toning lower limbs, thighs and calf muscles. It is estimated that about 10 minutes of Odissi is equivalent to an hour of any other form of workout as it involves movements of all legs, upper torso, wrist, neck and feet. Also, Kathak’s movements aid in toning up the body and improve blood circulation.

4. Salsa:

The Latin American dance form is a sensual form of exercise and requires a partner to perform. Salsa follows a pattern of six steps which works with eight counts. It includes swaying, bends and swirls, and requires to be well coordinated and focused with your partner. If practiced regularly, a class of an hour can burn anywhere around 400-500 calories.

Now, you have to decide which dance form is best for you! If you have a heavier lower body then hip-hop and Indian classical dance forms are a good option and if you require full body fat shedding, then Zumba is the perfect fit. Now all you need is good music and some moves, happy dancing!


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