Deborah Milano Lipliner Pencil Shade 08

Deborah Milano Lipliner Pencil Shade 08

A creamy lip pencil for defining and enhancing the lipline with the utmost precision.

“Start by drawing a thin line, from the center of the upper lip, then move to the bottom. Then shades the pencil to the inside with a special brush and apply lipstick or gloss.”


Price: INR 350-400, hiked now I believe.

AS you can see I picked it up for the bright orange coral that it is, I mean how often do you get such a bright lip pencil around, I had to pick it up instantly though the price was a disappointment, they have pencils priced at 450 as well, so I think 350 (now hiked) looked okay considering the color and the brand, but let us see how it is for my lips.


The pencil is wooden, not retractable, it has to be sharpened often, so if you are not into sharpneing this is not for you, I love sharpening and I liked wooden ones too, the color is really beautiful it is a matte coral orange, it is a unique lip pencil to have.


The texture did not turn out that great honestly. I was hoping a very creamy lip liner for the cost but it was just okay, hard to start with and then the rounded top felt smoother, but nothing fancy, I think dry lips will find it harder , and if you have to fill it in the lips, it is not sugegsted. If you have flaky lips, it can e disaster,so take your call and use it gently around the lip line and avoid filling as it will tug.


The pencil does not crumble, like you can see it has sharpened well, no problem there, it does not get wasted that much. The size is reasonable too but I wish there was softness to it. Plus it does not set, it can smudge and it is pure matte.


The pencil does a good job to keep the lipstick neat, helps stop bleeding color, and overall lasts even after your lipsticks fades, so no complaints there and pigmentation is good too, wish it was creamy.


with sheer gloss:

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4 thoughts on “Deborah Milano Lipliner Pencil Shade 08

  1. That is a lovely lovely and a soft shade *woot* *woot* *woot* but looks a bit dry na… but you totally rocked it with the sheer gloss huh *clap* *drool* *drool* *happy dance*

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