20 Diet Tips To Steal from Bollywood Stars

If you drool over gym looks of Bollywood stars and wonder how they manage to look fit, svelte, and well toned, we would like to mention that more than gym and workouts, they place a lot of importance on their diet. Bollywood celebs do not do anything very different from us for losing weight and staying fit. Their diet secrets are actually tips that are basic, quite easy to follow and actually fetch good results. In this post, we share with you 20 diet tips to steal from the most fittest Bollywood stars.




Diet Tips To Steal from Bollywood Stars

1. Deepika Padukone: She does not believe in strict diets. Eating small portions of favorite food is her way of staying slim. She has mentioned in a few interviews that she loves chocolates and cakes, and works out hard in the gym so that she can eat them! She is a teetotaller and this also helps in maintaining the figure in the long run.

Deepika Padukone

2. Anushka Sharma: She avoids junk food totally to keep her figure and skin beautiful. She carries her own lunch for shoots and has simple homemade food most of the days. She starts her day with eggs, which as we all know, is a great source of protein and energy.

Anushka Sharma

3. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: No one even talked about her weight until she very graciously sported her post-pregnancy weight, and we admired her about that. But soon, some people threw flak at her for not trying to lose weight. But Aishwarya took her own time, and lost weight like a boss. She stopped eating junk or fried food and relied totally on homemade meals consisting of fresh vegetables. She also substituted plain rice with brown rice. She prefers eating several small meals a day that keep her full without being too heavy on the stomach.

Aishwarya Rai

4. Malaika Arora: She is more famous for here svelte frame and youthful looks than her acting capabilities. This lady has added loads of detox water to her diet to maintain the figure. She starts off the day with the honey-lemon juice-warm water concoction. Coconut water and green tea are also part of her diet. She eats small portions of her favorite food to keep her tummy happy while maintaining figure. She skips carbs for dinner, which helps a lot in losing excess weight and maintaining the slim body.

Malaika Arora

5. Shilpa Shetty Kundra: There was never a time when Shilpa Shetty went out of shape. Even at 46, she looks picture perfect and credits yoga for keeping her fit. You will be happy to know that she takes a cheat day every week and calls it “Sunday binge” where she eats her favorite foods (including calorie-rich sweets). She eats a balanced diet which is low on carb. She stays away from sugary drinks; green tea is her absolute favorite.


6. Parineeti Chopra: Her transformation stunned everyone and recently lost a considerable amount of weight This self-confessed food lover has poor metabolism and she had to give up her favorite pizza and other fast foods. Her meals now consist of salads, dal, egg, fruits and brown carbs. If she could bring this change in her diet, you definitely can.


7. Priyanka Chopra: Priyanka has a fit and toned frame. She loves to eat simple well-balanced diet and prefers homemade food. Eating every two hours in small portions is her dieting secret.


8. Disha Patani: This model-turned-actress is one of the most fitness-conscious people in Bollywood. She loves to have a protein-rich diet including meat, egg and paneer. She is a fitness freak and prefers eating protein bars post workout. She follows her diet very strictly and waits eagerly for the cheat days.

Disha food

9. Lisa Haydon: She is very strict about her fitness and never compromises with food. A green juice daily is her secret for the healthy body. She loves kale and spinach smoothies. She enjoys chicken salads, fruits and eggs in her meals. But often she eats pancakes for dinner.

10. Bipasha Basu: With her tall and strong figure, she encouraged a lot of women to stay fit and healthy. She drinks a lot of water to flush out the toxins and prevent bloating. Coconut water is her absolute favorite and fresh coconut is often seen in her Instagram photos (not as frequently as her husband, though). Also, in one recent Insta post, she revealed that she eats rice only once a year. Well, this means that she substitutes rice with healthier sources of carbs and her figure stays perfect due to that.


11. Kareena Kapoor: Everyone in the world is wondering how she managed to lost her post-pregnancy weight – two times now! She is a vegetarian and eats desi khaana – roti, sabzi, dal, fruits and veggies. For snacks, she does not reach for a bag of potato chips – her favorites are roasted peanuts, papaya or roasted makhana. She also drinks haldi milk before bedtime.

12. Janhavi Kapoor: If you adore Jahnavi Kapoor’s gym looks, you might have noticed that she aways carries a bottle of water with her! That’s her biggest secret – she never compromises on water. She believes in eating healthy fruits and vegetables. She eats eggs and toast for breakfast as well.

food janhavi

13. Ananya Pandey: She loves eating fresh vegetables, grilled fish, and chappati as main meals. She also drinks coconut water every two hours.

Ananya pandey food

14. Kiara Advani: She starts her day with lemon water. Also, her favorite snack is apple with peanut butter. (5 Beauty Tips To Steal From Kiara Advani).

Kiara food

15. Jacqueline Fernandez: She gives importance to a protein-rich diet (you can find such programs to get slim on the Rati Beauty diet), and includes vegetables, beans. To satisfy her sweet tooth, she mixes dry fruits, nuts, and seeds together into balls.


16. Alia Bhatt: If there’s someone who works out like crazy and absolutely watches what she eats – it’s Alia! Like Kareena, Alia loves having ghee with her food. Milk, buttermilk, curd are her other favorites. Her breakfast options are poha and eggs. She also says beetroot salad raita is her staple.

Alia bhatt

17. Katrina Kaif: She has oatmeal as a staple breakfast. She also likes grilled fish and boiled vegetables.

Katrina food

18. Sara Ali Khan: She is an inspiration for many because Sara had a dramatic weight loss, dropping several sizes and came down from 95 kg to 56 kg! If that isn’t an achievement, what is! She absolutely watches her diet and never misses her workouts. She ditched pizza, junk, and processed food and switched to homemade food such as eggs and chicken.

Sara pic

19. Shraddha Kapoor: She eats a lot of fruits and veggies, and her breakfast staples are eggs, poha, upma. She also eats grilled fish for lunch/dinner.

20. Rakulpreet Singh: Instead of reaching out for unhealthy snacks when she feels hungry, she picks up fruits. She tries to include cereals, pulses, vegetables and salads in her daily diet.

rakul preet food

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