48 Different Names for Sugar Added Sneakily in Processed Food

Since people have started identifying “sugar” as the main culprit that leads to weight gain, food companies have started to realize that they would have to sneak sugar under different names in their products to sell them to their health-conscious consumers. Often we just scan for the word “sugar” in the ingredients list, but often, this does not mean sugar is not there in the product. You would be surprised to know that manufacturers conveniently add heaps of sugar in “fat-free” products to compensate for the bland taste and most of them also add “sugar” under different names in “sugar-free” products. Your safe bet would be to opt for “no added sugar” products that might only have the natural sugars. Ideally, the daily value for added sugars should not exceed 50 gm in a 2000-calorie daily diet. Also, never pick any product that has sugar as the second or third ingredient. In this post, we would list out 48 Different Names for Sugar Added Sneakily in Processed Food.

Different Names for Sugar Added Sneakily in Processed Food

Why Sugar is Bad for Weight Loss?

Excess sugar in the body (whether through natural or synthetic sources) trigger a lot of undesirable effects in the body. People can develop lifestyle diseases, particularly type 2 diabetes, and inflammation due to consumption of sugar. Refined sugar has high amount of calories that have no nutritional value attached to them and are called “empty calories.” Food industry adds refined sugar under various names to their products such as jams, coals, aerated beverages, muffins, biscuits, cookies, bread, cakes to make these things appetizing. Refined sugar leads to sharp spike in blood sugar and a slump in blood sugar levels, increasing cravings. But what leads to weight gain is when the body converts all the excess calories (from the calorie-dense sugar molecules) into fat. The body breaks down sugar into glucose molecules, and excess glucose gets converted to fat and gets stored, mostly around the belly area. By cutting down sugar, you would be able to shed weight really well and get your dream body and goal weight quickly. A lot of women complain how difficult it is to get rid of belly fat, even with diet and exercise, but, let us tell you, belly fat will melt away only if you cut down on sugar!

How Sugar Can Make you Obese?

1. By increasing inflammation in the body: Studies have proven that sugar triggers the production of free fatty acids in the liver. When these free fatty acids are processed in the body, it leads to inflammation, and eventual weight gain.

2. Excess sugar leads to insulin resistance: Insulin resistance is a condition where the body produces insulin but the cells do not use it properly and there’s an excess of glucose always in your bloodstream. With zero refined sugar, you can reverse insulin resistance and the pre-diabetic situation effectively.

3. Excess sugar leads to increase in hunger hormone ghrelin: Sugar which is high in fructose, suppresses the level of appetite-suppressing hormone “leptin” and increase the levels of hunger hormone “ghrelin.” Sugar also increases your cravings for calorie-dense food and you would always be in a state of hunger, needing more food to satisfy those cravings, adding more calories and fat to the body in the process.

4. Low Fiber Content: Since sugar doesn’t have any fiber content, it increases appetite and reduces feelings of fullness.

Since we have elaborated extensively on the adverse effects of sugar on weight loss and health in general, it would be a good idea to avoid all forms of added sugar in packaged products. As mentioned above, a lot of companies are using different names to sneak in sugar into various products to make it more appealing to the tastebuds. Also, when fat content is ripped from food, it usually makes it bland and tasteless. To appeal to the tastebuds of consumers, companies add heaps of sugar, refined carbs, salt, emulsifiers, and thickeners which add high amount of calories to the body. Such a tendency defeats the whole purpose where one is actually going “low fat” to lose weight. Since sugar is sneaking under different names into our daily food, it would be a good idea to figure out the different names under which is is added to everyday food to get healthy and to lose weight.

48 Different Names for Sugar Added Sneakily in Processed Food:

1. Ethyl maltol

2. High fructose corn syrup

3. Galactose

4. Brown sugar.

5. Diatase

6. Fructose.

7. Rice syrup

8. Glucose

9. Date Sugar

10. Fruit juice concentrate

11. Crystalline fructose

12. Maltose

13. Organic raw sugar

14. Evaporated cane juice

15. Barley malt

16. Buttered syrup

17. Glucose solids

18. Beet sugar

19. Castor sugar.

20. Cane juice

21. Carob syrup

22. Caramel

23. Buttered sugar

24. Dextrin

25. Cane juice crystals

26. Confectioner’s sugar

27. Dextrose

28. Honey

29. Malt syrup

30. Molasses

31. Sucrose

32. Yellow sugar

33. Ethyl maltol

34. Turbinado sugar

35. Barley malt

36. Blackstrap molasses

37. Lactose

38. Golden sugar

39. Panocha

40. Treacle

41. Rice syrup

42. Malt syrup

43. Maple syrup

44. Invert Sugar

45. Icing sugar

46. Isoglucose

47. Isomaltulose

48. Evaporated cane juice

Hope this post helps you to cut out sugar from your daily diet so that you can lose weight at a steady pace.

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