Dior 5 Couleurs Hi Fidelity Eyeshadow Palette 657 Expose Review + Makeup Look

dior eyeshadow palette 657 expose eye makeup

Hi Everyone, 🙂
For this week’s makeup looks, I have decided to go back to the basic looks. Like going back to where it all started -simple and no fuss. 🙂 I have a bunch of eyeshadow palettes with me. I want to challenge myself to create looks with only the colors that are present in the palette. I’d give them a good 10 hour run, see how they work and would review them for you along with the makeup look. This might help some of you who might be struggling to use their eyeshadow quads / trios. I have such a huge collection of makeup that I never just use one palette at a go. I would us whatever it takes me to create a looks that I am satisfied with. It’s a bit of a challenge for me as well. I am planning to create very basic looks with these palettes. Something that you could easily create as well if you are a beginner. 🙂 I hope you like it 🙂

dior eyeshadow palette 657 expose eotd

Today’s Eyeshadow Palette is Dior 5 Colueurs High Fidelity Colors & Effect Eyeshadow Palette 65 Expose. Price USD 62 / INR 3900

When I bought this palette, I had forgotten how much I used to love wearing Khaki eyeshadow. This has literally rekindled my love for all things khaki. These palettes are curated keeping not only different colors but also textures and finishes. You have an option to layer up colors as well. There is endless possibilities on how you can use the palette. You can use all 5 in one go a few colors together or even just one block of color for a quick go-to look.

dior eyeshadow palette 657 expose makeup look

The 5 colors in the Dior Expose palette are :
A stunning metallic peach gold color. The base is peachy brown and a saturated metallic gold finish on the top makes for an interesting color. You can use it all over the lid, in the inner third of your eye or just as a little pop on the centre of the lid. It has a medium pigmentation and makes for a great layering eyeshadow as well.

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A soft cream white eyeshadow with gold micro shimmers. This has sheer to buildable coverage. Makes for an excellent inner corner and brow bone highlight. Also can be layered on top of a matte eyeshadow for that extra glimmer.

The centre color is a medium khaki olive gold. It’s the star color of the palette and without this color, this would have just been another neutral color palette. It is medoium pigmented but can be layered up without being chalky or thick. It’s almost like a little jewel shade for the eye. I’d suggest using it as an all over lid color.

A pale dry henna gold shade. It more of a transition color to the deep khaki shade. The two together work well very in sync with each other. It goes beautifully with the dark matte brown shade in the palette as well. You can use it just a s a lid color and smoke out with the dark brown eyeshadow for a beautiful smokey eye makeup look. It has a medium to buildable opacity.

The darkest of the 5 colors is a warm plum brown color. It has a matte to satin finish and is the most pigmented of all 5. It can be used in a variety of ways and pretty much goes well with very single color in the palette.

These are my first eyeshadow palettes from Dior and I am soo impressed with the quality. The pigmentation, the texture, the gorgeous color and even the fact that each color goes so harmoniously with each other makes the palette truely exceptional. There was barely any fall out. I did my foundation before doing my eye makeup and I did not have to do any touch ups. But the real test was the pigmentation, which was spot on. And the staying power. I wore these eyeshadows with an eyeshadow base for good 8-9 hours and there was barely any fading,  or creasing. I tested them on the most humid of humid days my eyeshadows did not budge. I wore them all morning at home, went out to shop, spent an evening with friends and my eye makeup was  in pretty good shape all along.

The palette comes in this gorgeous glossy black packaging. There is a lovely big mirror encased and the two little applicators are actually not bad at all. You can use them on the go for any touch ups or even for taking your makeup look from day to evening. They are expensive but so worth it. Can’t wait to show you more from the range. 🙂

Rating : 5/5

dior eyeshadow palette 657 expose review

dior eyeshadow palette 657 expose palette


dior eyeshadow palette

dior 5 color eyeshadow palette

Swatches :


9 thoughts on “Dior 5 Couleurs Hi Fidelity Eyeshadow Palette 657 Expose Review + Makeup Look

  1. Such a wonderful product with all the classy shades. In love with your subtle but glam makeup look. Just stunning! <3

  2. Wow…your eye makeup is so beautiful. The shades in the palette are pretty. The entire look is very sophisticated and beautiful. 🙂

  3. I totally loved this wearable and easy to recreate look of yours.
    Can you plz provide the list of all the products used?

    1. yes ofcourse. 🙂

      NARS Foundation
      Too faced shadow insurance
      Dior eyeshadow palette
      Maybelline Glazed Toffee Eyeliner
      Anastasia Brow Pencil
      Tom Ford Highlighter
      I think there was a peach blush from maybelline.
      MAC Soar Lip Pencil

      Hope that helps 🙂

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