Don’t Worry Sanitary Napkins Review

Don’t Worry Sanitary Napkins Review

Hey girls! This time my choice for review is our regular necessity – Sanitary Napkins. Well, this might seem a bit weird, but I like trying out different types of napkins that are launched in the market. I know Whisper Ultra is a choice of a majority of us, but there are other brands also which we can consider once in a while.

Don't Worry Sanitary Napkin

This is the range of napkins from Don’t worry (by Mankind Pharma).
1) Don’t Worry Ultra Thin.

1. Ultra thin to give you zero feeling.
2. Dry weave top sheet for maximum dryness and protection.
3. Specially designed bottom surface with absorbent funnel that traps fluid & prevent it from coming back.
4. Turns fluid into gel and locks it inside which gives protection against heavy flow.
5. Wide wings to tightly wrap around the panty to protect side leakage.
6. Extra gumming for extra hold.


8 pieces, size 240 mm, 6 pieces,  size 240 mm.

2) Night-Time Protection:

1. Extra long and wide back to maximize absorbency area at the back.
2. With the same features as in Ultra thin it comes in sizes of 280 mm.
Quantity 8 pieces, size 280 mm.

3) Don’t Worry Ultra Thin Super (Dual size convenient pack).
1. It is a dual size convenient pack which gives you choice depending on the type of flow.
2. With the same features as in Ultra thin Extra large, it comes in sizes of 240 mm and 280 mm.

Quantity 8 pieces, size 4 X 240 mm. Quantity 8 pieces, size 4 X 280 mm.

sanitary napkin

My Experience with Don’t Worry Sanitary Napkins

I have tried the ultra thin variant and I liked them. The reason I am sharing this with you all is the 25 Rs. wala pack. Let me show you the packaging of the napkin in it.

Like normal napkins, it doesn’t come in a plastic packaging, it comes in a translucent cloth like packaging, which is super cute and since it doesn’t look like a napkin, all the more convenient to keep in your handbag!

Plus the size is also small, so you know this is a better option to keep in your bag than the panty shields, so that if aunt  rose comes in all of a sudden, you have your Defense Ready.

I shall give Pros and Cons only of the Ultra thin variants.

Pros of Don’t Worry Sanitary Napkins

1) Cheap.
2) Good for normal flow.
3) Individual packaging of 25 Rs. wala pack is just too good.

Cons of Don’t Worry Sanitary Napkins

I found none. Of course at this price if I expect quality similar to Whisper ultra, I shall be a day dreamer.

My Verdict:
Do get this for you.

Will I Repurchase?
Yes Yes Yes!

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11 thoughts on “Don’t Worry Sanitary Napkins Review

  1. This does sound good nidhi. i am a hard core whisper fan and really cant think of using anything else. May be i’d keep these in mind during the last few days . 🙂

  2. i totally agree wid rati…i am also a huge whisper fan…..i tried using others…but they just gave me bad rashes :yikes: ….so i have stop experimenting now….n stick to whisper only….. :thumbsup:

  3. :thanks: for the review! Now I know there are other options for me out there that have been tested and approved.
    I better renew my search for rash free ones now. :jog: :jog:

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