7 Double Duty Beauty Products That Save Money

With the sale season going on, we women want to buy so much! What restricts me is wardrobe space. Same goes with makeup and beauty products. I am sure we girls are makeup and skin care junkies. I like to try new stuff and keep experimenting. My husband goes in shock looking at my vanity and bathroom counter. He sometimes gets confused between a face wash and a hair conditioner! After stocking up so much of makeup and skin care, I have realized that most of the products go unused and reach their expiry lying at the back as new products take over. Now, I have decided to de-stash and buy products that multitask. Yes you read it right! There are products that can do more than just one thing. These double-duty products help you in saving some space as well as cash! Today I am going to share few products with you that are multipurpose. So let’s get started!

Double Duty Makeup Products

1. Lip balm: Oh this wonder product can be used in a number of ways! A staple product for treating chapped lips, it can be used on your cheek bones as a highlighter too. Also, you can use it to tame your frizzy tresses and flyaways.

lipstick as blush
2. Lipstick: Yes! The most talked about product lipstick works well as a cheek stain/blush to add a flush of color. Did you forget your eyeshadow at home? Not to worry, just dab a bit of your favourite lipstick on your lids and work with your fingers to create desired looks! A brown colored lipstick also can be used for contouring your face and neck.

3. Mascara: This beauty helps you enhance your lashes. You can also use it as an eyeliner to define your eyes.

4. Baby wipes: If you have kids, then you definitely would be having a stock of these wipes at home. These baby wipes work very well to clean off stiff make up after that party or cleanse your face off the excess oil during summers. You don’t need a face mist, if you own these wipes!

5. Hair conditioner: This product helps to take care of your hair very well. Try using it in place of a shaving gel to shave your legs and arms and enjoy a soft smooth skin without any rashes. Isn’t this amazing as I always dread bumps on my skin after shaving!

6. Coconut oil: It provides nutrition to your hair and keeps them healthy. It can also be used to remove makeup, when mixed with drops of water; it can be used as a body lotion, after hair wash serum or even to shave your legs and arms.

cream blush
7. Cream blush: Yes, these creamy blushes that can be used on your cheek to add a nice glow can also replace your cream eyeshadows and create dramatic colourful looks. These also work great as a lip stain. Just apply a bit on your lips to add natural color!

Let me know your favourite double-duty product.

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