Essence Eye Blender Brush Review

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Hello IMBBians,

Makeup tools can do wonders to lift your makeup compared to when you apply with your hands. I started using makeup tools very recently and as I am still new to the idea of using brushes and sponges, I decided to start with a budget brand first. Essence being a budget brand, I picked up a few brushes and today, I would be reviewing the eye blender brush from this brand.

Essence Eye Blender Brush

Product Description:
Blend it! This eyeshadow brush conjures-up perfectly blended eye make-up styles. It’s extremely soft, long bristles are ideal for blending rather than applying eyeshadow.

My Experience with Essence Eye Blender Brush:

I have been experimenting with eyeshadows a lot lately! I have always used a sponge applicator and wanted to buy a fluffy round brush for blending and this brush came to my notice in the right time. There were two variants for the same, one in black and this artistic one and I picked this one because it looks so cute! The blender comes in a lavender plastic case and the colors of the bristles match the packaging. The blender brush comes in a small plastic pouch and this pouch is handy if you want to carry your brush without worrying about it getting dusty, but I have noticed a minor flaw with this packaging. The brush is slightly pressed in the case which alters the shape of the bristles, but after a wash, it became round and fluffy again. The bristles are dense. The brush handle is sleek and the size is good which aids in grip and hold.

Essence Eye Blender Brush handle

The bristles are soft and move like feather on the skin. I feel that the bristles are long due to which, during blending, the brush bristles become a little flimsy and bend, and doesn’t give a good finish. Just as the name suggests, the product is just an eye blender brush. It cannot be used as an eyeshadow applicator as it doesn’t pick the product effectively, but this brush does a good job in blending the shadow.

Essence Eye Blender Brush bristles

Essence Eye Blender Brush head

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The blender blends the eyeshadow effectively and doesn’t leave any patchy spots. I have tried to use this product for contouring my nose and it indeed does a good job. The brush doesn’t shed any bristles. I have already washed it once and did notice any shedding. The bristles look fuller and new after wash. Overall, for a beginner like me, this eye blender tool is a plus. If things go good and I master eye makeup with tools, I can buy better ones!

Essence Eye Blender Brush top

Pros of Essence Eye Blender Brush:

  • The length and size of the brush eases application.
  • Smooth and soft bristles.
  • Blends the eyeshadow perfectly.
  • Doesn’t leave any bald/patchy spots.
  • Doesn’t shed.
  • A trial tool for beginners.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Essence Eye Blender Brush:

  • The bristles are long.
  • Doesn’t pick eyeshadow well.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Essence Eye Blender Brush?
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