12 Essential Qualities To Look For In Your Mr. Right!

Choosing your life partner can be compared to purchasing clothes in sale (just kidding :-P). You might like them initially but later not like it! Well, marriage is a major step in life and married life is a roller-coaster ride and you might surely want someone just like you to take the seat next to you in that roller coaster. So we are sure you would want to select a partner who has the qualities to lead a good life, and in this post, we list down some qualities that men should ideally have!

qualities to look for in your mr right

  1. Behaving maturely: They always say that women mature faster than men! In life, we all need a man who is mature enough to react properly to ups and downs, mature enough to respect your decisions, mature enough to handle a family and much more. Being very kiddish in nature can lead to impulsive decisions that one might regret later. He should be able to handle each situation maturely so that the outcome is always good.
  2. Respects you and your family: There is no going ahead when there is no respect. Respect is always give and take and hence you need someone in your life who equally gives you the respect the way you do. If you don’t get the respect you deserve in a relationship, it will lead to disappointments and clashes. Added to it, he should respect your family too and treat them just like his and vice-versa. The day respect goes away, the love starts to fade.
  3. Self-Belonging: Your partner should know who he really is and what he wants to do in life. Being confused all the time creates added pressure in life. Always marry a person who is settled first to avoid complications in the near future. He should have a proper plan regarding his work or where he wants to reach in life, this will help you lead a better life too!
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  5. Non-possessive: You surely would want to remain away from the possessive clan of men! Possessive men are those who control your life all the time. You are stepping into a marriage and not a jail after all. You may get frustrated at a point because he may control what you wear, where you go, whom do you talk to and moreover will not allow you to go out a lot also. Hence make sure he is not possessive by nature.
  6. Joyful with a sense of humor: A small laugh or a smile can solve the biggest of problems. You will be okay in life if he knows how to laugh and solve his issues. A person also who can make you laugh in your worst times, marry him right away!
  7. Compatibility: Compatibility is the key in any relationship because this factor cannot be distorted. A person is how a person is and there should be rapport between couples. An incompatible relationship will require a lot of things to work on and it actually will mess up things.
  8. Calm and adjusting: Most of us are short-tempered due to the stressful lives we are leading today’s stressful and hectic environment but it is better to find a better-half who can be calm if you are the angry bird! When both people in a marriage are short tempered, it can be quite a bumpy ride. In a relationship, one person should calm down when the other one is angry.
  9. Ability to communicate: It is not that a person needs to be super-talkative but it is always great to marry someone who can express their feelings, convey how they feel because none of us are astrologers or mind-readers. Communication is the key to solve any problem or come to a conclusion with regards to any situation.
  10. Loyal: Checking out other women is fine, but flirting might not make your women happy. When a third person enters the relationship, you all know how ugly does it get.
  11. Attractive: It is not that you have to find some Greek God, but it shouldn’t be just infatuation! You should find your partner to be attractive because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, be it just his looks, or the way he talks, his confidence, his personality, anything! That is how the love will stay alive.
  12. Accepts you the way you are: Do not try to change each other all the time because that is not what you signed up for. He also should accept you the way you are and should be ready to accept you at your worst. If you find this type of a person, then what are you waiting for?
  13. Flexible and open-minded: A person who is not adaptable might get restricted in life and this might create further issues. He should be flexible to adapt to some of your ways also and life is not always as planned, so having a plan B is something that he should be open to. Also he should be the one who will try to accept new ideas.
  14. Money-saver: Last but not the least, finance is a very big part of a relationship. He might earn good but what is the point if he spends it all? Savings are very important and he needs to be someone who needs to be the one who can tackle his finances well. You can take the charge also if he is comfortable with it.

These are some qualities that you can look out for when choosing your life partner. We are sure there is no perfect man who will have a tick on all from this check-list but having most of this qualities will surely help to have a better marriage! 🙂


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