9 Expert Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

If you are procrastinating about making that important decision to start on a weight loss journey because it involves overtraining at the gym and food deprivation, it’s not! It also does not help that you want it to happen as quickly as possible because fat burning is a process and it does take time and patience to reach your goal weight, but with the right practices and strategies, you can get lean and slim down rather quickly, for example, being on a weight loss diet program like Speedslim on the Rati Beauty app. Download the app for more details. Also, in this post, we list down 9 Expert Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work.

1. Reign in Frequent Snacking: Snacking is when you reach out for food outside of breakfast, lunch, and dinner routine, and when you follow this practice randomly all through the day, it’s called frequent snacking. Every time you snack, it causes blood sugar to rise and as a result, insulin pumps out to regulate blood sugar. Every time insulin is pumped out, it also does one more thing – it pushes extra calories to be stored as fat. It’s important to reign in frequent snacking and cut down snacking to two times in a day. A few bites here and there, one or two biscuits during breaks, and a bite into a slice of pizza may not look like a lot of calories at that particular of time, but these extra calories do add up at the end of the day, so do avoid frequent snacking.
2. Protein in Every Meal: Protein from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources help to boost metabolism, burn more calories, suppress appetite, and of course repair and build muscles – and all these make weight loss so much easier and faster.
3. Burn Calories Through NEAT activities: Abbreviated as NEAT, non-exercise activity thermogenesis, is the energy aka calories we use for everything we do in our day-to-day life, like when using the stairs instead of the lift, squatting on the floor to lift something up, walking while talking on the phone, every activity we do while being on our feet, comes under NEAT. All these activities help to burn some amount of calories and these bits of calories spent here and there, add up to a considerable amount when you are trying to lose weight. NEAT activities also help to keep the metabolism high. Certain studies have found out that we get to burn up to 150 calories in one hour by doing NEAT activities! Read about “7 Ways To Increase Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis” in this post.
4. Combine Diet with Consistent Exercise: There’s no doubt that you can lose weight successfully by dieting alone, but regular exercise makes the whole process a little faster. With dieting alone, after a period of time, the body becomes energy efficient and lowers metabolism to conserve fat. When this happens, the pace of weight loss slows down and you would have to cut down calories from food further to set the fat-burning process back in motion. Experts agree that when we combine dieting with exercise, weight loss can happen fast.
5. Give Greater Importance To Diet Than Gym: We have talked the importance of exercising consistently, but focussing only on workout routines and not following a good diet can backfire. In fact, experts say overtraining can sometimes lead to weight gain because people often tend to overeat to reward themselves with food after intensive workouts.
6. Practice Portion Control: Getting into calorie deficit is essential to start fat burning. Calorie deficit can be easily be achieved without compromising on nutrition by practicing portion control, without actually starving through the day. Portion control also involves being aware of the correct amount of food and serving sizes so that you do not fall out of calorie deficit. One easy trick is to eat from smaller meal plates that would trick your mind into feeling satiated with less amount of food. Read about “9 Ways To Cut Portion Sizes Without Getting Hungry.”
7. Amp Up Fiber Content: Fiber and protein are nutrients that keep you satiated and fuller for longer, curbing unnecessary hunger pangs. We have already covered protein, and would like to mention that including fiber in daily diet is equally important. Fiber helps to reduce appetite, reduces belly fat, and thus helps with weight loss too.Fiber helps to treat constipation and other digestive system related issues. Most importantly, fiber reduces the risk of colon cancer. Here’s a list of “32 Fiber Rich Food Items for Weight Loss.”wei
8. Get your Friend or Family Member on Board: Tagging along a friend or family member on your weight loss journey will make it less tedious and more enjoyable – you can cook together, plan meals together, exercise together, and most importantly, keep each other motivated.
9. Last but not the least, cut down on sugar intake, this practice is sure to have an amazing effect on weight loss by helping cut down empty calories and lowering inflammation as well. Not only white table sugar, avoid all forms of added sugar that makes their way through processed and ultra-processed food into your daily diet.

With these expert weight loss tips, you are bound to reach your weight loss goals sooner than expected.

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