The Fat Loss Puzzle: Which Part Loses First?

It’s a common desire to embark on a weight loss journey to target specific areas to melt away extra fat – belly, thighs, hips are some common areas of concern. Some of us are bothered by a protruding tummy, others by thigh fat, and some identifying back fat as their main issue. Unfortunately, when our bodies don’t conform and do not shed layers of fat from these areas first, it can lead to demotivation and frustration. While experts have made it clear that spot reduction is a myth, people then wonder which part of the body tends to lose weight first and how it is decided? Now, spot reduction aside, experts say an individual’s gender, body type, genes, and not to forget diet, all play important roles in determining from where they would be losing weight quickly and where they would be retaining fat for the longest. Not to forget, hormonal problems like insulin resistance make it extremely difficult to trim down belly fat, and with high insulin, one would hold on to belly fat for the longest. So, let’s solve this fat loss puzzle – which part loses first?

fat loss puzzle

A little more detail about how fat is stored in cells:

The fat cells can grow in size and number. Eating excessive calories, over a period of time, can cause fat cells to increase in size and fat can be stored in these cells, throughout the body. The fat cells in our body have different kind of receptors, and with regards to weight loss, we would mainly focus on alpha-2 receptor and beta-2 receptor. Fat cells with alpha-2 receptors do not actively participate in fat burning while the fat cells with beta-2 receptors actively release stored fat to be used as energy. The fat cells of your body have both these receptors and their distribution across the body would determine from where you would lose fat first and the last. If your thighs have fat cells with more alpha-2 receptors than the beta-2 receptors, then it would be a little more difficult to lose weight first from there. On the other hand, if your thighs have more beta-2 receptors, it will be easier to burn fat off there (that’s where body type, genetics, gender, etc. play a role). Body parts with stubborn fat have more of alpha-2 receptors than beta-2 receptors. For women, stubborn fat areas seem to be the butt, thighs and hips for women (this fat distribution was due to evolutionary adaptation to support the energy demands of pregnancy and breastfeeding. The body instinctively stores additional fat in these regions to ensure a readily available source of energy for the growth and nourishment of a developing fetus). For men, it’s love handles. Also read: “14 Reasons Why your Belly Fat Isn’t Melting Away.”

Remarkably, a person’s gender plays a significant role in where fat comes first and holds on to the longest – women hold on to weight more stubbornly on their hips, thighs, butt, and tummy that serves as an energy reserve during pregnancy and lactation. So, it would typically be the last place from where women would actually lose weight, as the body would want to save up all the extra energy to meet the demands of pregnancy.

Exercise does help a great deal in toning the areas you want, but unless the layers of fat on top remain, the abs won’t be revealed even with hundreds of crunches in a day or drinking copious amount of green tea.  As someone rightly said, “abs are made in the kitchen and revealed in the gym!” Exercise does make a difference from where fat should be lost, but without straightening out the diet and creating a calorie deficit, it’s basically futile.

But don’t lose heart, there are amazing ways to lose weight from everywhere including thighs, belly,  etc. You can start on diet plans through the Rati Beauty app, take part in the Speed Slim challenges, maintain a consistent exercise routine – creating a calorie deficit, burn excess fat overall, and ultimately achieve weight loss. These efforts would also help trim your overall body while also toning the specific problem areas you wish to address. So, straighten out your diet guys, check out Rati Beauty app for your weight loss diet plans, and lose weight like a boss!

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