10 Food Items that Slow Down your Metabolism and Stop you from Losing Weight

It is a bane a lot amongst us have to bear every day, the scourge of overweight. And although most of us plan to move mountains to lose a few of those stubborn kilos, very few amongst us live up to the tasks that we naively set up for ourselves. Now, it is perhaps the commonest knowledge around that there are certain specific food items that are not only notoriously detrimental to our health but also as they taste too damn good, we willfully ignore the obvious fact that stares at our face, that they are capable of bringing down our rate of metabolism to a snail’s pace thereby making it doubly difficult to lose those pesky pounds no matter how hard we try and workout.

Slow Metabolism

So today, we shall spare a few words to enlist a bunch of food items that have been proven to retard our metabolic rates and yet are consumed wholesomely. So, without any further ado, let us get started on the list of 10 food items that slow down our metabolism and stop us from losing weight.

1. Refined Grains: Refined grain, which is used ubiquitously in the manufacture of bread, pasta and pizza is quite bad for our metabolism and as such should be avoided as much as possible.

2. Alcohol: Alcohol is known to slow down our rates of metabolism quite significantly and consumption of the beverage in excess is guaranteed to mess up with our metabolic rates quite badly. So we must watch out to ensure that our occasional indulgence does not go out of hand and make it extra difficult to lose weight than it already is.

3. Fruits and vegetables sprayed with pesticides: Most of the agricultural products that we get to see in the market places are largely contaminated with pesticides and miscellaneous insecticides that have shown to lower our metabolic rates considerably. So, we should practice buying naturally grown products.

4. Traditional (sweet Bengali) yogurt: Traditional yogurt is awfully fattening and instead of helping us lose weight, it compounds to our overweight crisis even more than usual. It is not only fattening but it is also responsible for lowering our metabolic rates.

5. Artificial Fruit Juices: Artificial fruit juices are the worst when it comes to lowering our metabolic rates. They contain too many artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and added chemical preservatives that are responsible for lowering our rates of metabolism but also adding to our obesity.

6. Soda/ Soft Drinks: Soda and soft drinks are the worst that can happen to your metabolic rate. So, avoid drinking soft drinks and soda.

7. Refrigerated/Frozen Food Items: Although in comparison to all the food items listed above, frozen food contains lesser amount of calories however they contain such compounds as sugar, sodium and hydrogenated trans-fat that slow down our metabolic rates ever so considerably.

8. Regularized Sea Salt: Instead of the medically advised iodized salt, the regular variety do not contain iodine that helps our thyroid secretions which in turn improves our metabolic rate. Hence consuming it would be a bad idea.

9. Candy Bars: Candy bars containing chocolate and lots of sugar and artificial preservatives are quite detrimental to our healthy diet, not to mention, they are the leading causes in lowering our rate of metabolism. So, they should not be eaten.

10. Junk Food: Junk food such as fried items and excessively oily food items not only add to our pesky pounds but they act to inhibit our normal rate of metabolism, which in turn fattens us more and makes it difficult for us to lose weight.

So today, we discussed 10 different food items that are bad for your metabolism and reduce all our efforts to lose weight utter futility. We hope that you found the article instructive and useful.

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