12 Foods you Can’t Stop Eating But you Should

There is normal food that we eat everyday to get energy and nutrients to support life and then there are certain other foods that are unnourishing and lack nutrients, but we cannot just stop eating them even when satiety level has been reached. Most of these fall under the category of “hyperpalatable” foods and research says one can develop an addiction of sorts to them. It does takes a monumental amount of will power to stop at just one bag of potato chips! The smell, the flavour, the taste – you can never have too many potato chips, right! Just like chips, there are other “hyperpalatable” food that have ingredients like sugar, sodium, unhealthy fat, and certain synthetic ingredients that trigger the reward center of brain and stimulate the release of “feel-good chemicals” that can put one in a constant state of craving, wanting to have more of such food. Also, since these foods are easily digested, they cause sharp rise in insulin and the subsequent dip causes imbalance in blood sugar levels, leaving one hungry within a short span of time. The problems with such food products is that they are high in calories, have unhealthy fat, sugar, and salt – that not only lead to weight gain, but also increase the risk of life-threatening diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, etc.  In this post, we list down 12 Foods you Can’t Stop Eating But you Should, not only to lose weight but to improve overall health as well.

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12 Foods you Can’t Stop Eating But you Should:

1. Potato Chips: Potato chips are not healthy at all, neither for weight loss, nor for general health. Even though “baked” chips may seem like a better option, they may have higher levels of a compound called “acrylamide” that can potentially cause nerve damage, increase the risk of cancer, among other health risks and create inflammation which is a major reason for weight gain. Instead, you can try these “12 Healthier Alternatives to Potato Chips.”

2. French Fries: Rich in saturated fat, salt, and high in calories, regular consumption can increase LDL cholesterol and heighten the risk of cardiovascular disease.

3. Chocolate: High in sugar content, regular chocolates are high in calories and increase the risk for type 2 diabetes. Even with dark chocolate, with its high polyphenol and antioxidant properties, practicing portion control is necessary.

4. White Bread: This breakfast staple is made with refined flour with loads of empty calories, which causes sharp insulin spike and the subsequent blood sugar slump makes the body crave for more food in a short span, increasing the calorie intake further.

5. Mayonnaise: We tend to use mayonnaise generously on a daily basis to increase the flavour of sandwiches, wraps, rolls, and salads, but remember this gooey goodness is made by adding loads of oil and vinegar to eggs, and just one tablespoon may have up to 100 calories and 12 gm of fat! And as we all would agree, it’s hard to stop at just one tablespoon or even two, and that’s why skipping mayonnaise will help you cut a lot of calories, so swap mayonnaise with these alternatives – Greek yogurt, mashed avocado, hummus, pesto or even tahini.

6. Sweetened Coffee: Just don’t go by the total calories mentioned on the pack, most of these drinks are high in sugar and will shoot up blood glucose levels within minutes.

7. Jam: Even if they claim to be made from real fruits, jams with their high sugar content are neither good for weight loss nor for overall health.

8. Ketchup: This condiment may surprisingly contain high amount of sugar and other flavour enhancers that are best to avoid.

9. Biscuits: Made from refined flour, sugar, sodium and other artificial ingredients, biscuits just have empty calories that lead to rapid weight gain.

10. Soft Drinks: High amount of sugar in these drinks spike up blood sugar and elicit a sharp insulin response, where the extra calories are encouraged to be stored as fat by the hormone insulin. Furthermore, carbon dioxide gas from such drinks, trigger the release of hunger hormone ghrelin, which makes you hungry in a relatively short period of time.

10. Candies: Made with high sugar content, they can seriously put your health at risk.

11. Baked Goods: Made with high amount of sugar, refined flour, and unhealthy fat, baked goodies like cakes, pastries, muffins contribute to rapid weight gain.

12. Sweets: They only have “sugar” in them – the number one reason why we all gain weight. Never pick packaged and boxed sweets if you are seriously thinking about weight loss.

Do make a conscious effort to eliminate such unhealthy food from your diet and instead include nutrient-dense foods to lose weight, as on the Rati Beauty diet. Download the Rati Beauty app for more details.

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