Happiest First Birthday to you Baby Sia :* :*

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Today is Baby Sia’s first birthday and all of us at IMBB and Rati Beauty are excited about this little munchkin’s very first birthday! It’s been a year since she arrived and since then our lives have turned around completely with this adorable being around us. Rati has turned from a hot woman to a hot yummy mummy, Sanjeevji has become a superdad, and all have us have automatically become her maasis who love her to bits. Let me tell you something about Sia, she is a very happy baby with expressive eyes and beautiful features, and she lets you know with her squeals that she is the BOSS! and oh! She is such a poser too, look at her staring right through the camera in all her pics :* :* Little Sia, let me tell you, on your first birthday, you are the luckiest baby in the world with a very hands-on and beautiful mom, a super-intelligent mom, and scores of maasis in real and virtual world who would attend to your every whim and fancy, you just have to say, that’s it!

Happy Birthday Baby Sia

We wish you a very Happy Birthday on your special day and a fruitful, long, healthy, and happy life ahead :* :* Just stay this charming and innocent always :*

Shine and sparkle always, our little munchkin :* :*


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