Hard Candy Painted Lady Lipstick in Mannequin

Hard Candy Painted Lady Lipstick in Mannequin

Hey everyone! I haven’t written in a little over a week and I feel like it has been forever! The reason for my absence was my FINAL EXAMS! Finally, I am done and ready to enjoy my break off college. Anyways, let’s get on with the review. Today, I am reviewing a cute lipstick with a different kind of packaging which totally caught my eye. It is the Hard Candy Painted Lady Lipstick in “Mannequin”.

Hard Candy Painted Lady Lipstick in Mannequin

Product Description:

A creamy, long lasting lip color leaving no shade unturned. Each piece is a work of art.


Ingredients:I couldn’t find the ingredients list.

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My Experience with Hard Candy Painted Lady Lipstick in Mannequin

This particular lipstick is a part of the “Painted Lady” lipstick line. Hard Candy brand’s products have the cutest packaging and this one is no exception. Hard Candy has the most adorable packaging. I think it looks just cute. It comes in a white tube with a pretty flowers on the cap. It has a dome shape end and there is a pink satin ribbon which adds to the cuteness. In order to open the lipstick, you have to pull on the ribbon and it will open. I saw this lipstick in the clearance isle of Wal-Mart and was immediately attracted to the cute packaging and bought it. The color that I chose was “Mannequin”. It is a beautiful nude color shade with hints of pink. It is a flesh tone color and it matches my lip color a lot. I absolutely love this color. It suits me very well and I love wearing this while sporting a dark smokey eye look. It is even perfect for day time wear as it would suit any neutral makeup look beautifully.

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The color glides on super smooth and is very creamy. I think it is a bit too creamy which is why the shade does not last me as long. It does not last me more than an hour. I really like the texture though, it feels smooth and it does not dry up my lips, keeps them fully moisturized. One thing that bothers me a lot about this product is the smell, it is very unpleasant. It smells something like cardboard boxes which annoys me a lot and it seems to linger on my lips after application after quite some time does it seem to go away. Another thing that I noticed was that this particular product is very limited in stores. I showed my lipsticks to my friend and she absolutely loved this lipstick and went to go buy it herself. Since HardCandy is sold in Wal-Marts and online, she decided to go find it in Wal-Mart. Unfortunately she was not able to find it anywhere near her area and had to come to the Wal-Mart closer to my house in order to find it. That truly is a downside because I am sure many people are wanting to try this and not everyone wants to purchase this product online. Hard Candy used to be sold in Sephora but all of a sudden it got discontinued and then later on appeared in Wal-Mart. I personally think they sell more in Wal-Mart than they did in the Sephora store. Overall, this is a decent lipstick because the colors are so pretty but as far as the staying power and cost go, it is hard to say it is worth it.

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Pros of Hard Candy Painted Lady Lipstick in Mannequin

-Pretty color.
-Leaves lips smooth.
-Creamy & moisturizing texture.
-Does not over dry lips.
-Do not test on animals.

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Cons of Hard Candy Painted Lady Lipstick in Mannequin

-Not long lasting.
-Smells awful.
-Limited availability.

IMBB Rating:3.5/5

Would I recommend Hard Candy Painted Lady Lipstick in Mannequin ?

Yes I would recommend for those who do not mind applying lipstick multiple times. I personally do not mind and I am OK with applying it a few extra times.

Would I repurchase Hard Candy Painted Lady Lipstick in Mannequin ?

Probably not but I would like to try other shades. In fact, I think I will go buy another shade soon.

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