Inglot AMC Liquid Face Blush #83 Review

Inglot AMC Liquid Face Blush #83 Review

Inglot’s AMC (Advanced Makeup Components) concept is very similar to MUFE’s HD concept. It contains high performance ingredients which will help the product last longer as it can withstand moisture & high heat making it perfect to use for stage, photography & movies.
Price: – Around Rs.605 for 15 ML

Inglot Liquid Blush
Inglot Liquid Blush

I got the shade #83 as it was the lightest amongst the lot. It’s a nude pink color with more of brown undertone which would be great for beginners. I basically got this for winters since powder blushes look very flaky on me during that season. But I just could not resist it so started using it from now itself 😛

Inglot Liquid Blush
Inglot Liquid Blush

The best part is that this blush is very much buildable. With this same blush I can do a natural look plus a heavy intense look. It has a thin cream-gel like consistency due to which I find it easier to work it with my fingers than with a brush.

What I like about Inglot AMC Liquid Blush #83?

  • It is buildable giving you whatever look you want.
  • The bottle is so tiny it can fit anywhere plus it comes in a pump form which is pretty good for hygiene purposes.
  • Blends very easily not living behind any stickiness.
  • The AMC particles help in illuminating the cheeks naturally
  • Another great thing about this blush is that it can serve a great base for powder blushes, intensifying the color & making it stay for longer.
  • Must have for dry skinned ladies especially during the winters as this gives the required moisture with a powdered touch.
  • It’s a very lightweight blush which will work great for oily skin too.
  • A great cheaper alternative to MUFE blushes
  • It can be used for highlighting as well.
Inglot Liquid Blush
Inglot Liquid Blush

What I don’t like about Inglot AMC Liquid Blush #83?

  • It gave me break outs 🙁
  • The shades shown on their website are not correct. So its better you try all the shades in the store while purchasing.
  • Very less shades to choose from. In total they have 8 shades all of which have brown or reddish undertones, leaving nothing for pink or peach blush lovers.

Will I repurchase Inglot AMC Liquid Blush #83?
Very unlikely because of the breaking out issue 🙁 otherwise I love this blush quite a lot. I guess I will try their crème blushes next.

My Ratings:- :star: :star: :star:


64 thoughts on “Inglot AMC Liquid Face Blush #83 Review

  1. Aww…so bad it gave you breakouts!! Otherwise the blush looks quite cute and handy! I usually use powder blushes just coz they are easy to use. I’d love to use cream blushes, but am too lazy to follow all good instructions in applying them, and I don’t like to dip my fingers in the tub!

    I bought this Oriflame Visions cream blush stick, just so that I could easily apply it. But the color doesn’t show at alllllll… 😯 😯 No matter how much I apply it!! :-/ :-/ …Bad blush!! :no: :no: This Inglot blush could have been a good alternative.. :-P, but breaking out!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. I know me too. This is my first non powder blush. That’s why was a little skeptical but I guess I will give this blush a try again during actual winters. let’s see how my skin reacts to it 😐
      oh and for creme blushes it’s best to get it out using a q-tip or brush and then apply with fingers. I faced the same problem with this one had to use my finger only 🙁

      1. yeah…Thats why I tend to avoid those cream blushes…Don’t have patience to take the stuff out using q-tip and bother about the exact amount while applying to the other cheek too!! :-/ :-/

        1. me too no patience early in the morning.
          oh yeh i know getting exact amount is a big problem. I’m a rightie so I always end up applying more on my left side 🙁

  2. breakout as a side-effect is bad 🙁 :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( but the pump-type container is so cute and so so convenient! i would love to get my hands on it… i have dry skin, so hope it wont make me break-out ?:-) INGLOT not open in Pune na? 😥 Will have to go to Mumbai to get it :hypnotized: :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/

    1. I agree the pump bottle is super fab !! These blushes are still worth a try. Test it in the Inglot store & see how it works for the whole day & the next. you probably won’t face the same problem I did 🙂

      and you know one more bad part you can’t even purchase it online from their store 🙁

        1. In mumbai, there’s only one store located inside G7 Mall in Andheri West. It just opened yesterday or something. Rati had posted about it. Since its a new store you never know what all goodies you might be able to get hold of :chic:

  3. Ohh Insiya…when I read the starting of the post thts its similr to MUFE HD blush and then read the price I decided to get myself one in pink but then u say no pinks n peach 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

    I dont know when my hunt for a non-shimmery pink cream blush will end

    1. hey HD… Street Wear from Revlon has a non-shimmery pink blush… It’s called a Smoothwear Blush.. Shade’s called PINK BLOSSOM… I use it regularly… Good blush… the brush is horrible, but the blush is awesome.. Very smooth and pretty long lasting…
      u could give it a try 🙂

      1. hey Samyukta…thnk you!!! I hv always been sceptical abt Streetwear as a brand…its good haan?? now whn I’ve tried endless cream blushes lemme try this as well…how much does this cost?

        BTW…if I may ask, whts ur skin tone? jus asking to see if wht shade suits u wud suit me as well…I will OC try all shades

        1. anytime HD 🙂 Streetwear is pretty good 🙂 As in it’s pretty good in quality and very easy on the pocket 😉 i have been using it’s eyeliners, eye shadows and lip glosses as well… Phew! i sound like a StreetWear representative :laugh: 😀 :laugh:

          The blush here is for 195 bucks. FYI, my skin tone is on the fairer side…
          btw!!! 😮 😮 😮 i justralized u were lookign for a cream blush and this is “powder” 😕 😕 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 oopsie! :footmouth: :footmouth: :footmouth:

                1. Since this is my first cream blush I didnt wanna spend directly on MAC :-(( thght of first trying out with cream blushes to see how I like thm and then splurging

                  1. you know that makes total sense 😀 so go to mac – get them to put the blush on your cheek – and leave !!!! wear it all day and see how it is 😀
                    while ur at it – try lots of shades – you can always pick up a dupe later on if you dont really feel like spending that much money

    2. HD the non pink-peach shades are only for this liquid blush. Check out Inglot’s creme blush, I guess there are pink shades available in that. Maybe the new store there might be having more variety in terms of shades. I was wondering if they ever launch new products ?:-) I never come to know. Realise it only after entering the store

    1. I know its soo pretty. I applied it on top of my foundation. Can we apply blushes on bare face ?:-) won’t it look champa chameli types 😛
      I find it so weird to apply anything on my face without a foundation first.

      1. champa chameli :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

        and dont say that..I dont use foundation :-((

        1. wow really ?? the thing is my face is kinda rough so I mainly use foundation to just even the skin. why don’t you apply a foundation first? anywayz how does it feel to apply blush without foundation ?:-)

          1. I dont apply blush on bare face…I have kinda decent skin so just use a day cream and compact which sets my base and blush on that…works totally fine for me :yes:

  4. wow the blush looks so so tempting and you’ve got such lovely btw sumthings waiting for u in ma blog below ur check it out k..

  5. Hi Insiya…Great review, I was looking at this and also their creme blushes last week only. I think they are priced in India for Rs. 990 or Rs. 995, something like that. Oops, it broke you out…I get break outs at the drop of a hat…so even though I like it & it looks great, I guess I would have to skip this one. But thanks for reviewing it.

    1. oh really? i will ask rati to change the price then. Did u swatch any in the store? Also let me know if you pick up any creme blushes. I need some nice recommendations 🙂

  6. Nice review Insiya..too bad this didn’t work too well for you 🙁 I want to try the MF blush Deb reviewed…never got the time to look in at the counters last week…this week I plan and go 😀 😀 Though cream blushes don’t suit oily skin types it seems so I don’t know :-((

    1. I swear I doubt u even get any break outs. Still do swatch all the shades in the store. They are just lovellyy !! 🙂
      Btw what all shopping you did with Kaurpati 😛

  7. Me bought an Inglot e/s palette with pweettyy PINKKKK :shy: :shy:

    Me loouu you Insiya. Only you like me here. All others are getting horriddd.. :knife: :knife: :knife: :knife: :knife:

    1. wowwww pinky pinky me too wanna see & then wanna drool & then wanna get it 😛
      I loouu you too :-* all others in IMBB don’t realize what a cute :cute: little precious thing you are :lashes:

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