Innisfree Perfect Fresh Foot Scrub Wash Review

I am back with yet another Korean brand. 😀 Innisfree is one brand which makes amazing products in very affordable price range. In this post, I am going to review Innisfree Perfect Fresh Foot Scrub Wash, scroll down for more details.

Innisfree Perfect Fresh Foot Scrub Wash Review

Product Description:
Foot shampoo + Foot scrub + Foot spa 
3 in 1 foot care 
Keep your feet fresh and clean with 3 in 1 multi foot care item dealing with food odor, dead skin cells and dryness of feet 

2. Contains lemon balm and mint extracts 
Fresh foot care with lemon mint scent 
Foot scrub wash with lemon balm and mint extracts cleanses and refreshes your feet, and the scent of lemon mint, one of citurs herbs even refreshes your feellings 

3. Soft exfoliation with apricot seeds scrub 
Fine apricot seeds exfoliate dead skin cells of feet and make your feet smooth. 

4. With moisturizing ingredients, keep your feet moisturized and refreshed, not dry 
Plant extracts contained in the product provide refreshing care to your feet and moisturize and refresh them.
Price and Quantity:
$13 for 100 ml.

Innisfree Perfect Fresh Foot Scrub Wash ingredients

My Experience with Innisfree Perfect Fresh Foot Scrub Wash:

The packaging is pretty simple – it comes in a regular tube with a cap. The cap closes tight and so there’s no spillage of the product.

Innisfree Perfect Fresh Foot Scrub Wash tube

The consistency of the product is thick gel-like with small granules in it which helps in the scrubbing and exfoliating process. The granules are not harsh and the product lathers well with water. It smells fresh and strong (more of peppermint), and leaves the skin soft.

Innisfree Perfect Fresh Foot Scrub Wash cap

This scrub does remove dead skin, dirt, and tan to an extent but does nothing amazing. Though the description of the product says, it’s a foot spa, I don’t find anything like that with this scrub. It doesn’t dry out the skin. Overall, it’s a good product for day-to-day use and does a pretty good job as a scrub.

Innisfree Perfect Fresh Foot Scrub Wash swatch

Pros of Innisfree Perfect Fresh Foot Scrub Wash:

  • Smells nice.
  • Adds freshness to feet.
  • Removes dirt and dead skin.
  • Affordable price.
  • Good for daily use.

Cons of Innisfree Perfect Fresh Foot Scrub Wash:

  • Smell might be too strong for a few.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Innisfree Perfect Fresh Foot Scrub Wash?
Yes, if your looking for something affordable.

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