Is Wax or Laser Better For Hair Removal?

Out of the many different ways to remove unwanted hair from face and body, waxing and laser hair removal are some of the most common hair removal techniques. But most of the times, it is observed that girls get confused as to which one to opt for to get rid of excessive hair. Should they go for wax or for laser hair removal? Additionally, it is observed that girls end up making mistakes because of wrong choices and as a result, their skin suffers. Both wax and laser hair removal can give you smooth and beautiful skin. Hair growth is much lesser in the coming weeks when compared to shaving or epilating in both these hair removal methods. But with waxing, you will get smooth skin for some weeks whereas in laser treatment, it’s almost a permanent method to get rid of excessive hair. So, is Wax or Laser Better For Hair Removal? Thus, let’s have a look at the quick sheet as to which one should you go for – wax or laser hair removal.

Is Wax or Laser Better For Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal works well for people who have light to medium skin and dark hair. It’s also an expensive option, with price starting from a few thousands for each session. We have a detailed post on laser hair removal – price list/cost, benefits here. Laser hair treatment can be a bit painful if you have sensitive skin or low tolerance to pain. Many people have complained that laser hurts a lot. Waxing on other hand, is cost effective and not that painful.

Wax or Laser Better For Hair Removal

Waxing is not that effective for girls who have shorter hair. In that cas,  laser treatment is the best preferred method. With laser treatment, you will observe that your hair starts to grow within 10 days or so. This is very common in laser treatment. Whereas, if you have some important things scheduled up, then it is best to go with waxing rather than laser treatment.

Coming back to the cost factor, undoubtedly, laser treatment is much more expensive and thus for economic reasons, many women prefer to go for waxing as it would cost less than 1000 for full body hair removal. Many people will come to you saying that waxing will loosen up your skin, but that is not true. Both these hair removal techniques can only cause temporary and minor redness or irritation and they go away within a few hours to a few days duration. Plus, both the techniques these days are done with utmost care and thus if you visit a good salon (for waxing) or clinic (for laser), then both these hair removal techniques will give you good results without any side effect.

Final Recommendation:

Both waxing and laser hair removal are equally good and effective, but their suitability depends from person to person, and also your budget. Thus, you must go with either laser hair removal or waxing as per your requirement.


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